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No shennanigans from me today, just DD Awards, contests, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 11:04AM, March 18, 2013

I've got a bunch of things to pass on to you today, comics to check out and so forth, so I thought I'd let you get on with it!

Niccea, who once again is taking the reins of the annual DD Awards, has a message!

“We are really gearing up and we will be talking about the awards categories now. We will be talking about what categories to keep and remove, and change from last year.”

Check out the DD Awards forum for the latest activity!

The_D_Wrek is having a contest for his recently-featured comic Twenty Four Seven! It's super-easy to enter, and you get to check out a good comic too. All the information you need is in the comic's header, once you're on the page!

Typical Strange by Banes just hit 350 pages. “Page 351 ends this story, and page 352 will begin a new issue.

Each issue stands alone as much as possible, and the new one will be a great place to jump in without having read any of the previous 350 pages.”

neostar8710's manga SPOON has reached 300 pages! Keep em comin!

And A Deviant Mind by houseofmuses has passed 300 pages! She says, “ I must have gotten excited and forgotten, because my son Alex is holding the reins as co-writer on this latest issue of A Deviant Mind: Gothika! My fans say he's doing a great job, and they can't wait to see the latest page!”



houseofmuses at 7:03PM, March 18, 2013

WooT! :D

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