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QUACKCAST 161 - The Gravy Train to the Stars

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 8, 2014


We join our heroes attempting an ill-conceived hiking holiday on the surface of the sun… While they're getting over their stupidity let's talk about Quackcast 161! We asked people to contribute their own notions about what's cool and interesting in SciFi, as well as what they don' like and what they do not think works well. We had so many great contributions that we decided to split it into two parts, so you'll be able to catch another instalment of our space faring heroics!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
Civilian -

SciFi Discussion Thread:

Planet Destroyer Bravo -
Star prince Genejoke -
El Cid the merciless -
Space pirate Gunwallace -
kawaiidaigakusei, Queen of the Venusians -
Death Lord Abt_Nihil -



Ozoneocean at 8:29AM, April 8, 2014

Much thanks to HippieVan for the art! :D

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