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QUACKCAST 153 - the LurrrrvCast2, lurv harder!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Feb. 11, 2014


Come on board for the luurrrvcast! It's shining and new!
This is he second and final part of our lurvcast, where we asked contributors to give us their advice, wisdom and opinions on the treatment of love, romance and relationships in fiction within popular media. We had many great replies to Bane's interesting and insightful questions on the subject, which were:
How do you approach love, romance and relationships in your comics? Do you find it difficult to write this stuff? Is it easy? What do you like to see, love and relationship-wise, in the comics you read? Do you like it realistic? Angsty? Or do you like it more fantasy-based? What do you NOT like to see? What are some of the fictional couples/relationships you really like? Were there any you thought didn't work at all? Why?

Topics and Show Notes:

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Sin -

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