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Video Interviews with KAM, Toshubi, and Magical Misfits!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Sept. 8, 2014

Today we have a special video interview newspost featuring KAM, Toshubi, and Magical Misfits. They each have long running comics with pretty substantial archives and have been members on Drunk Duck from the very start. They each are natural storytellers and are very passionate about the work they produce on the site. Check out these interviews to get a more personal background on the real world creators beyond the computer screen.

KAM interviews Toshubi (17:50)

Toshubi tells a bit about his interview. The original reason he started posting a comic online. Toshubi opens up about his inner Id and the dark side of his stories.
Video Interview:
Comic Link:

Toshubi interviews KAM (20:37)

KAM talks about the thousands of pages he has created over the years, his artistic influences, his comic processes, and how you can contact him if you are interested in commissions. He gives about his characters personalities and the real life influences for his characters. He talks about the start of getting into webcomics and eventually choosing Drunk Duck as his comic host.

Video Interview:
Comic Link:

KAM, Dragonzilla, and Toshubi interview Magical Misfits (19:25)

Ron Bender discusses why he originally started getting involved in comics. His favorite character, Dark Eyes. He goes into thorough detail of his comic's back stories. He also talks about his work on Magical Misfits, cameos of characters from other comics.
Video Interview:
Comic Link:

The majority of the comic judging categories have been selected, but there are some orphaned awards categories that still do not have a specified winner. The initial judging deadline was Sept. 6. However, Niccea gives pick up volunteers slack and the emergency due date is September 14th (September 20th in the worst case scenario, at the very, very latest). In absolute emergencies, as long as enough pages and judgments are in, the very last of the judging should be wrapped up within the first few days of the actual awards.

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Locoma at 10:47AM, Sept. 10, 2014

oh damn, that's a really cool selection of people to interview, they're truly classics of the Drunkduck ground!

ejb at 4:58AM, Sept. 9, 2014

Cool interviews, fellas. It's cool to see how passionate you guys are about your characters and stories. Keep it up.

KAM at 4:55AM, Sept. 8, 2014

Wow! I figured this would be one of the secondary items on the newspost. Quite a surprise to see my mug on the front page. (Hopefully it didn't scare away too many people.) Thanks! :-)

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