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FEATURED COMIC --> Mechanaflux

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 1, 2015

The story behind Mechanaflux starts out simple enough. We have three urban city kids: Arad, Cory, and Jackson who are all members of the same soccer team even though they come from very different households and upbringings. It appears to be a regular day after practice when suddenly the sky transforms into an image that reflects the same green heart pattern of a pendant belongs to a mutual acquaintance, Father Reese.

But wait there's more! While Arad, Cory, and Jackson live in the present day and on Earth, there is another world in this story called Flux that is caught in between the Middle Ages and the Distant Future (or something completely different because advanced technology seems to exist in this land). Here we meet a female protagonist named Maria, a young girl, who is ready to embark on her first mission. The land of Flux is filled with old vessels of Mecheers (large robotic figures) that used to roam the land.

The two worlds of Earth and Flux have not yet collided, but there is an ominous darkness lurking in the shadows of Metal City that seems to be upset with the current state of things.

The comic is produced by scarletspider, co-creators Shawn is the writer and Ava creates the Art. All the pages may be hand-drawn traditionally and then coloured digitally.

Read Mechanaflux by scarletspider, rated E!




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