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Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 12, 2015

Come and join the carnival of spirits, darkness, twilight, magic and weirdness… Rizmo is a devilish, demonic, clownish creature with a surreal world living inside his head. Young Abbey is new in town and doesn't know anyone, but then she meets the crazy carnie who gives her a magic hat, a hat which is a gateway to the world of Rizmo. Rizmo is a delightfully, devilishly, dark yet comedic story. If you like ghosts, weirdness and surreal tail then this will appeal to you! The artwork is all digital, full colour, smooth and very professional looking.

Read Rizmo by Jobo, rated E.



Ozoneocean at 7:43PM, Aug. 13, 2015

No worries Jobo :D

Jobo at 9:26AM, Aug. 13, 2015

Wow! Thanks so much for the feature :D im so glad people are enjoying Rizmo this much

KimLuster at 4:52AM, Aug. 12, 2015

Love this comic! Creepy but full of wonder! Beautiful artwork!

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