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Sunny days and comic books

HippieVan at 12:00AM, Aug. 14, 2015

Summer here is hot and dry, but it's so short that sometimes it feels more like a coffee break in an endless winter than a real season. People who live in the prairies know that each summer day has to be savoured - tucked away as a little memory for that day in February when you're standing outside waiting for a bus that's ten minutes late, and you think that you just can't bear another minute of winter.

Unfortunately work, weather, and a wedding have conspired against my usual trips to the beach this summer, but today I was determined to make the most of the sun. I skipped out of work half an hour early and drove to the nearest beach with my family. We ate dinner on the beach and then jumped in the water, where I stayed until I started shivering. Then I retired to a towel on the beach and picked up - what else? An Archie comic, from a stack my little sister had brought.

Summer has always meant comic books to me.

Lying head-to-toe in a hammock with one of my sisters as each of us reads a comic, stretching out at my best friend's cabin after a long day at the beach and perusing her collection of Archies, buying a big box of mystery comics to haul out to the lake…there's just something about a summer day and a comic book that jells. It's partly logical, I suppose. Cheap comic books can be tossed about on the beach without too much concern, and the light, simple stories can be left at moment's notice if a summertime adventure should suddenly arise. But more than that, comics just seem to be inherently a part of summer to me.

Are comic books part of your summer experience? What are those other little things that summer just feels incomplete without?


From Niccea:
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Current judges/presenters, please check your PQs for your assignments.

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Abt_Nihil at 3:51AM, Aug. 17, 2015

I'm afraid I have too much of the "collector" genes in me, so I can't stand the thought of sand in my comic books >:I I usually read novels when I'm on the beach. Printed words are not as precious to me as printed pictures are, so I don't mind them getting dirty.

Banes at 6:16PM, Aug. 14, 2015

Oh, yeah! I can remember packing as many books and comics as I could when going on camping trips. There was nothing better than kicking back on a beautiful summer day with a great story or ten!

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