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May the "Fourth" Be With You

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 4, 2015

Happy Star Wars Day!

To celebrate, the 2015 Drunk Duck Awards are back in full FORCE today.

Niccea has a large update:

Voting for the winner of the For Your Consideration contest will be until May the 10th. Votes can be PQed to Niccea ( ).


SnowTheHedgehog: WOWIO or the Drunk Duck Corporation or whatnot need a new, now's your chance to apply!

Kou The Mad: The Zombie Army of Ghenghis Khan invades and steal the awards.

CallMeTom: Plot idea 1: Do to budget cuts the Drunk Duck Awards will no longer provide gold plated caviar powered limos! Now all FYC's need to make there OWN way to the awards!

CallMeTom: Plot Idea 2: Well since the last venue got wrecked after that thing during the afterparty and then kinda blown up. We now need to find a new venue! Addon by Bravo1102: No one wants to rent us a hall, from the big theaters down to the Local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall)

KAM: Space aliens, or a mega corporation, or a mega corporation run by space aliens, is looking to take control of some intellectual property that they can use to promote their ideas and make money so they're analyzing various Drunk Duck comics as potential properties to buy and conquer the world with.

JustNoPoint: JustNoPoint tried to cheat and see who wins early. He creates a time machine that malfunctions sending everyone on DD to different time periods. Now it's up to them to find their way back to their own timeline and get to the awards!

Ideas could include but not be limited to: Characters going into the past and living all the years it takes to get to the awards again.
Raiding old awards.

Dr Who references galore!

Going into the future and living it up in the FIXED DD!!! :o

Would need 1 page to start it off and 1 page to finish the story where something happens to correct it. Maybe Niccea goes back in time 1 minute before I mess everything up and bonks me on the head or something.

DD Awards Official Timeline of Events

Planning ~ Now - July

FYC Senario Contest ~ April/May (official dates TBA)

FYC Pages Accepted ~ June - July 12

The Drunk Duck Award Design Contest
Submissions ~ June 7 - 14
Voting ~ June 15 - 17

Drunk Duck Awards Voting Opens ~ July 5 - August 2

Tie Breakers (as needed) ~ August 3 - August 8

Finalists Announced/Volunteers Assigned ~ August 9 - August 15

Judging ~ August 16 - September 5

Emergency Wrap Up ~ September 6 - September 13

The Ceremony Begins ~ September 14

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