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Wanted: One Radioplay Organizer

HippieVan at 12:00AM, May 8, 2015

After having gone a year without a radioplay, Kroatz began organizing a new one for 2015. Unfortunately, he no longer has the time to put the play together and we need someone else (or multiple other people) who'll be able to take over. Two full scripts have already been written, so the organizer will have to put together some brief judging to choose between the two. Then it'll be voice auditions, judging those, recording and editing together (or finding someone to edit) the separate parts. There is also usually a comic version, with a different artist doing each page. We could potentially have different people organizing the comic and the radio portions, if two people wanted to step up. This sounds like a lot, but we have until the end of 2015 to put something together so it should be doable! Get in touch with myself and/or Kroatz if you think you can help throw this thing together.


I'm running the first DD Fashion Show contest! Submit your historical or historical-inspired fashion designs to this thread throughout the entire month of May!


Submit your vote for this year's FYC plotline! Check out the entries here and send your vote to Niccea via PQ by the 10th!

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VinoMas at 7:17AM, May 8, 2015

If I can find someone who can work the technical end (I can but not sure if people sending me voice overs for me to edit would "technically" work. I've always done editing on my own device with people talking on my device (impossible with the global duck). With Hippie taking on May's Fashion Show and it basically running itself (thanks to our amazing designers), this seems like a very doable project. I'll wait and see what other comments come up here for people interested but this seems like something that I could certainly get started with the judging aspect of two scripts and moving forward with the radio play and adjoining comic.

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