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A Story to Read Before Bedtime

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Oct. 12, 2015

-art by Gunwallace

by kawaiidaigakusei

On a very untypical evening, I found myself driving around the rainy streets of Los Angeles late at night by myself. Somehow I ended up south of Pico Blvd and as I turned the corner onto Venice Blvd around Loyola High School, I happened to look up and noticed a teenage girl most likely high school age sitting at a bus bench near Rosedale Cemetery. Her stringy and unwashed hair was covering most of her face and matted from the rain. On most days, I let common sense override my moral compass, but I made an exception because it was raining and it was getting pretty dark. I know what it is like to wait at a bus stop for hours on end alone at night and it gets pretty scary.

I pulled up to the curb and asked with a friendly tone, “Would you like a ride? It's probably going to start pouring soon.” She did not respond, but after a long pause, she began gathering her belongings and opened up the back right side door. She continued to look down and all I saw was her hair covering her face.

I drove down Venice Blvd a few blocks along the bus route as I assumed her home would be along the route. Once I reached the end of the line, I asked where she lived and a low, gravelly voice started to say “Drive to Boyle Heights”. While I lived on the Westside, Boyle Heights was a part of Los Angeles I was only familiar with during the day time. Like several other neighborhoods, it becomes an entirely different place at night. I began to get tense and uneasy just as the rain started to pour down.

Once in Boyle Heights, I drove through a residential neighborhood very slowly and after a passing by and admiring a series of historic buildings, I heard a shrill “STOP. HERE.” And before I could say my goodbyes, she ran out of my car, slamming the door shut. I could have driven home right then, but that was when I noticed she left her backpack in the backseat. I sighed, doubled parked and turned my hazard lights on, and walked out into the pouring rain.

The house she lived in looked dilapidated and falling apart and was most likely on the short list of condemned buildings in the area. I futilely used a small kerchief to keep dry from the rain and ran to the front door. That was when I noticed the doors and the windows of the building were unlike any of the houses on the street. Instead of glass windows and a wooden door, there were layers of newspaper and thick wax paper taped across each window pane and door frame. I tried searching for a bell to ring, but who was I kidding? Curiosity got the best of me, so I grabbed the pen I had in my pocket and poked a small hole through the paper covering one of the windows. I could not see anything through it, so I did my best to widen the diameter. The second time I looked inside, all I saw was the colour Red. I do not remember exactly what happened at that point, but I must have dropped the backpack in front of the door and ran to my car and drove out of that neighborhood without looking back.

A few weeks later I had set a coffee appointment to meet with a colleague who attended Loyola High School. It was only then that I remembered the details of the rainy night incident and I asked if he had ever noticed a strange girl riding the 710 Metro while a student at that school. I then retold the entire encounter, how I had offered a ride. I was met with an awkward silence and strange glare. “Did you get a good look at her eyes?” he asked quizzically. I retorted, “No, why? I don't believe we made eye contact at all during the entire ride.” The next words out of his mouth have stayed with me until this day, “Well, her eyes are completely Red.”

-The End-


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kawaiidaigakusei at 7:48PM, Oct. 12, 2015

I love stories of Pele, yet the tales I heard made her out to be a nuturing goddess. Wait, can I assume that Bravo's lived in Hawaii, too? One more thing to add to the life experience list. I am laughing at Banes' Pelé comment. There should be more soccer player based horror stories in mainstream media.

Banes at 3:00PM, Oct. 12, 2015

@kawaii - The real world details and your writing style made it feel very genuine. I thought it was a true story at first, and then it had that great feel of a classic urban legend. It works! @bravo - I'm trying to imagine this story with Pele at the center of it. So, instead of just staring out at you through the peephole, he would proclaim "giving you the fright of your life is my GOOoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!"

kawaiidaigakusei at 11:31AM, Oct. 12, 2015

As a side note- this short is an adaptation of a scary story my friend told me in sixth grade. Stories, like jokes, are always told better from the first person. I placed this story in a real world settng and added real streets and neighborhoods. Anyway! It is October, so these chillers are meant to inspire the same feelings that telling scary stories with a flashlight under the covers inspires.

bravo1102 at 9:13AM, Oct. 12, 2015

That story is often told in Hawaii except there the passenger is revealed to have no face at all or to be Pele and a harbinger of a natural disaster.

KimLuster at 8:41AM, Oct. 12, 2015

Took me a second to realize what was happening... For the longest I thought this was a real story and I was about to chastise you to being stupid haha!! Great stuff!!

Banes at 6:54AM, Oct. 12, 2015

Brrrrrr! That's a nice little chiller, kawaii! Great details and gives a creepy punch at the end while raising many intriguing questions. Loved it!

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