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Happy Halloween, DDers!

HippieVan at 12:00AM, Oct. 30, 2015

Here's a little Drunk Duck Halloween roundup!

Okay, this isn't really Halloween related, but your vote for the DD Awards' best presenter is due October 31st! Also check out the awards for ongoing extras.

There's still time to submit your character in their awesome Halloween costume for the October Fashion Parade!

Looking for some spooky reads? Check out my newspost from last year where I profiled some creepy comics on DD!

Ozoneocean and company have been doing Halloween-themed Quackcasts all month! You can see them all here.

If you missed it, make sure you read Kawaii's spooooooky story from earlier this month! It reminds me of the stories my friends used to tell at sleepovers, until I would get too scared and make them stop. I'm a big scaredy-cat.

Apparently they've made a film version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, as if the need for a book wasn't confusing enough. But if that's your cup of tea, come discuss it here!

So what are you all doing for Halloween? Are there costumes and parties involved, or are you staying home to hand out candy and watch scary movies? I'm just about done putting together my Maya Fey costume, but I don't have definite plans yet. I will probably tag along to a party with a more sociable friend. And then Beetlejuice with my little sister when I get home!

I would also be curious to know if any DDers have dressed as comic book characters for Halloween! I went as Thor once some years ago. It turned out to be a very practical costume, because the boots and my grandma's old nursing cape negated the need for a jacket! (Snow on Halloween here is about 50/50.) I even managed to find you guys a grainy old picture by going back to the very last page of my photobucket library!

Have a comic milestone, a community project or some comic-related news that you'd like to see here? Do you have original art for our newspost image database? Send it to me via PQ or at hippievannews(at), or leave a comment below!



Peipei at 7:17PM, Oct. 30, 2015

Have a safe Halloween everyone :D!

HippieVan at 11:34AM, Oct. 30, 2015

@kawaii: That was one of my little sister's! She's very into space.

HippieVan at 11:33AM, Oct. 30, 2015

@ozone: I would love to always dress as Thor if it were socially acceptable! (Or did you mean just for Halloween? :P) He's about the only superhero who I can pull off with my hair that doesn't require a skimpy costume.

Ozoneocean at 10:06AM, Oct. 30, 2015

Fry and Luarie was always an awesome show. Hippie you should ALWAYS dress as Thor! You ARE Thor.

kawaiidaigakusei at 7:48AM, Oct. 30, 2015

I really like the Big Dipper pumpkin. Creative constellation design!

Banes at 7:41AM, Oct. 30, 2015

Happy Halloween! That's a really good Thor costume. Looks like the real deal!

Gunwallace at 12:07AM, Oct. 30, 2015 A Bit of Fry and Laurie (Yes, that's Hugh Laurie, the guy from House) explain Halloween for non-Americans.

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