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Captain America: Civil war.

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 3, 2016

It's that time of year again, the big blockbuster movies are coming and Marvels first movie of the year and contestant in this years superhero smack down is Captain America: Civil war.
Based on the massive Marvel crossover comic that saw Marvels superheroes taking sides over a controversial government bill regarding their accountability for collateral damage. Of course this leads to an epic hero versus hero showdown because it would be rude not to.
True to the comic series the sides are led by Captain America and Ironman. On top of this the film promises to follow on from stories set in motion in both captain America: the first Avenger and Captain America: the winter soldier.

Captain America has always been a strangely popular character even outside of the USA. I say strangely as any overly patriotic character can come off as cheesy, especially to international audiences.
It's a testament to the screen writers and Chris Evans who plays Captain America that the films transcends the patriotic image and delivers a very human and believable character. A few moments in the Civil war trailer seem to suggest this trend will continue. As a fan of the Marvel comics and films I'm confident it will be another strong movie.

Over the years there have been plenty of cheesy Captain America comics but there have also been many great ones. Mark Waid did a fantastic run in the 90s that was full on action and adventure and for a long while was one of the best marvel comics of the 90s. Then heroes reborn happened. The heroes reborn take on captain America was a typically 90s dark and gritty reboot with Rob Liefeld on pencils and Captain America had some impressive Moobs. It wasn’t good at all. Dark and gritty Captain America can work though. For example Ed Brubaker did an excellent run between 2005-2009 which went dark and gritty, but it did so in a way that suited the character. It was in that period that they introduced the winter soldier and other elements that have inspired the movies and I hope will inspire Civil war as well, but I will avoid such potential spoilers.

Other properties to take advantage of and help promote the Captain America name are of course games. Captain America: TWS is a very good example, a mobile game available on both on Android and iOS, or you can try something more immersive with the console game Captain America Super Solder.
For more casual gamers and kids there are a few online games available to pass the time enjoyably: Captain America: Shield Of, an old style side scrolling sprite fighter, and The Avengers Captain America, a side scrolling runner. For adults, you have plenty of free online versions of the game. For example, gaming sites, such as Slots Heaven offers more grown-up online slots, games that offer the ability to gamble for real or just pretend, they have their own Captain America online slots in their slot game selection.

It will be interesting to see how the events of the film will affect the other marvel movies and TV series. Agents of shield benefited greatly from the changes brought to the MCU brought about in The Winter Soldier so I imagine exit may again be shaken up with civil war. Time will tell but I like that the films and TV shows do interconnect lightly. It would be obtrusive if they over did it and possible detrimental to the story telling, but small ties-ins and appearances combined with over arching changes to the larger world seem to do the trick.
Captain America: Civil War is released worldwide at the beginning of May.

Aritcle by Genejoke



Szyszka666 at 1:57PM, April 6, 2016

I happen to read a lot of Marvel and I absolutely loved Civil War :) I know that the movie won't show the exact same story but I'm still super excited :D I didn't play any related games though. No, wait! Does Lego Marvel count? :D

Banes at 8:34AM, April 3, 2016

I wasn't reading comics when the Civil War series happened, but am very excited about the movie; it looks great! Thanks for the article; didn't realize GJ was such a fan! Cool stuff

Ozoneocean at 7:20AM, April 3, 2016

Genejoke is an ultrafan :)

KimLuster at 5:09AM, April 3, 2016

Great article! It's funny that I haven't read any of the comic books about this stuff but because of many great articles (now incl this this) I have a pretty good grasp on all this (and the marvel universe in general).

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