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A Drunk Duck Awards News Briefing

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Aug. 7, 2017

The Drunk Duck Awards are still underway, there are plenty of people working on presentations for the awards and even more are signing up each day. Recent life developments have come up for our awesome presenter, Niccea, and she is unable to dedicate the same amount of time to the awards as she has for the last SIX years!

Niccea said:
“At the minimum, I would like someone to manage volunteer recruitment and the volunteers themselves. At the best, I would like to have someone(s) willing to take over the awards entirely. I can provide background assistance, ballot results, and “sagely” advice. I can only take on things that require small amounts of time commitment right now.”

Come on party people, this is your chance to be like the Koala in that movie Sing, or maybe you are more like Jimmy Kimmel in the last Academy Awards. This is a great opportunity to bring your own style to largest and grandest collective project. Add your own panache to the awards show.

What's Quacking?
Do you have any original art to contribute to our stock image database, announcements, community projects, ideas, news, or milestones to report? Please leave general comments below or send a PQ to kawaiidaigakusei. Email me at kawaiidaigakusei(at)gmail(dot)com.



AmeliaP at 4:06PM, Aug. 7, 2017

Got it :) Thank you!

Niccea at 3:03PM, Aug. 7, 2017

@AmeliaP: It looks like you just started releasing your comic at the end of July, correct? The ballots closed on the 29th, so I don't think you had enough time to find out about the awards and drum up your readers for it. There is always next year.

Niccea at 3:01PM, Aug. 7, 2017

Vino helped out by making facebook reminders for votes. Sorry for disappearing. The nominees are released now. El Cid said he will keep the judges in line.

AmeliaP at 10:20AM, Aug. 7, 2017

I'm struggling to understand how I can send my comic to compete on Drunk Duck Awards. I don't have a slight idea how doing it. I couldn't find a tutorial too.

Ozoneocean at 6:27AM, Aug. 7, 2017

I set it up between them. I thought she would have said something about it to you... That's assuming Vino is still doing it.

kawaiidaigakusei at 5:28AM, Aug. 7, 2017

He probably did, but this is the first I have heard about it. Was it written on the FB group or another forum besides the DD Awards one?

Ozoneocean at 4:33AM, Aug. 7, 2017

I thought Vino Mass had joined her in that?

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