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Drawing Attention #3

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, July 28, 2017

This week I was going to talk about a comic i had found by browsing the Featured lists and seeing what else did not take off after being featured, when it really should have. A little like Grunk from last time out. Then another subject came to me and i thought, why not use this article as a chance to have my say about something.

Technically, im still drawing your attention to something, but this time it's not actually a comic. This time it is something that is missing from an old format of the website, back when this Duck was drunk, and it also to a way we can get around it to the benefit of creators.

The feature im talking about it the rating. Back then when you used to be able to select a little drop down and choose a number between 1-5 that expressed your opinion of the page. A simple thing but so needed on a site like this and if there is ANY chance it could be brought back, please let them do it. As a creator, i put time and effort into making my Energize, and really the only way i know if someone is out there is the stats. If you have dedicated readers, they will comment, which is always massively appreciated. But as a reader, i know that sometimes, i haven't got a comment about the story or the art, i just enjoyed seeing the next page. That was when it was great to give it a 5.

I personally will always put something, be it a “nice page” or a “great page” and sometime for nostalgia's sake a “5*”. If someone has taken the time and effort to create a comic, one that i enjoy for FREE, then the least i can do is say something. I don't want to be a random page hit in the stats, i want them to know “I support your comic”. Granted, sometimes i am catching up and will only comment on the latest page, but if i read it, i make it known.

So next time you are reading a comic, don't just be a stat, leave a comment. Even if it is “5*” just to say you are there. I promise there is nothing more motivational to creators.

Thanks for reading

Article by Nepath of
Telling you all to 5*



EnnyW at 12:49AM, July 30, 2017

I'm pretty new here but I agree that it's really nice to get comments. It's kind of the only way I know that people are actually reading my comic. If they like it, even better! But just knowing that some people are there and actually read the stuff I throw at them is worth a lot. Gives me energy to continue with the project. So, thanks to everyone who's been commenting under my pages lately! I appreciate it a lot! And very nice article :D

bravo1102 at 10:26PM, July 28, 2017

The old RAEBNC from APA(amateur press association) fan publications back in pre computer days. It stood for "read and enjoyed but no comment" Not everyone has a staff of gag writers following them around huh?

dpat57 at 2:04PM, July 28, 2017

Fair comments. I'm pretty crap at coming up with things to say, I need an "I read this!" button!

El Cid at 12:44PM, July 28, 2017

An emoji menu maybe?

Ironscarf at 9:14AM, July 28, 2017

The dropdown was great, but since everyone only left 5, a dropdown with a selection of motivational phrases would be better: "Great Art", "Wowsers - killer dialogue!", "You just made my day", "I wish I was as cool as this comic" - that kind of thing.

El Cid at 8:18AM, July 28, 2017

I would really love for some type of "casual commenting" system to be reinstated. I just don't have time to come up with something useful to say for everything I read here, and so I really only take the time to comment on a select handful of comics that I follow. In the old days, it was really helpful to be able to just leave a "5" and move along to the next comic.

Banes at 7:53AM, July 28, 2017

*nice article!

Banes at 7:52AM, July 28, 2017

Agreed! I try to remember to leave a comment on each page, unless like you said, it's a binge reading session. Then I'll leave one on the last page I read. I hate my own generic comments sometimes, haha.

Nepath at 4:55AM, July 28, 2017

Oceanozone said a like system is a good idea, and it would. It's not so much that I want to see a return of the rating system, just a reminder that commenting is a good thing. In the past, you would get a lot of blank comments with a 5, but when it was removed, 95% of those people became silent readers, not commenting at all.

KimLuster at 4:49AM, July 28, 2017

Someone told me that one of the reasons this went away is that pretty much everyone just gave a 5 if they bothered to use it all...! This function was before my time, so maybe there's something I don't see, but if everybody really just gave 5's all the time I kinda don't get it!! Unless... It just encourages readers to give it a rating whereas without it they tend to not comment at all! I guess that's enough, just to show a creator people are reading it... But then, it seems like something like a 'like' button for each page would be about the same!! Still, bring it if you think it helps! Anything to encourage creators...!!

stinger9 at 4:40AM, July 28, 2017

I miss that feature so much! There was something different about it, it just feels weird to me leaving a short generic comment, I always have to try and come up with something more to say, and most of the time I can't, but with the old voting system, for whatever reason, it just bothered me far less to give a blank "5" comment, than a comment that just reads "nice job" or "5"

Froggtreecomics at 4:18AM, July 28, 2017


bravo1102 at 1:18AM, July 28, 2017

I always do and on the rare occasions when someone ever comments on the worthless garbage I churn out I return the favor. I have even been known to read large archives.

GuyWithChainsaw at 12:28AM, July 28, 2017

I totally agree. It's also really helpful! When you read someones comic and that person reads yours It's easier to keep up with their work. When I see someone post a comment on my comic I immidiately check if they had an update. Also posting comment is the easiest way to get people to check out your comic.

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