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Quackast 392 - Outside hobbies

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Sept. 18, 2018


In this Quackcast we chat about what interests we have outside of webcomics and we want to know what YOU do as well. What are your hobbies and interests? Our interests and hobbies really inform what we do as comic creators in all sorts of ways, it can be fascinating to learn about what drives a person and what led them to be where they are now. For Banes it was music, keyboards, drums, magic and ventriloquism. For Tantz it's writing and a fascination with surgery. For Pit it's archaeology, heavy metal, and art. For me it's making, art, costume and sewing. What about you?

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Starship Captain II, Launch into the depths of hostile space! The enemy aliens are after us! There are anomalies to investigate, new galaxies to explore and alien women to procreate with. Fire your proton beams and set phasers to stun!

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Kirsha Brackets -

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Featured music:
Starship Captain II -, by Dpat57, rated T.



jerrie at 12:41PM, Sept. 23, 2018

I play and teach guitar ans bass. besides is a BIG love of mine.

Ironscarf at 6:50AM, Sept. 23, 2018

It would be interesting to combine those three in one cacophonous composition! You might have to settle for guitar/uke though - not sure I could record the other!

kawaiidaigakusei at 7:54PM, Sept. 18, 2018

@Ironscarf—we must hear your guitar, ukelele, and didgeridoo!!!

Ironscarf at 4:26PM, Sept. 18, 2018

I play guitar, ukulele and a touch of didgeridoo sometimes, but the guitar is my first love. It has kept me sane for 40 years now.

cdmalcolm1 at 12:59PM, Sept. 18, 2018

I make and produce Music beats from time to time. I also make Sofrito and Recaito with my wife and mother-in-law on Mondays. I play Warframe on both the PC and PS4. On my phone I play OZ: Broken Kingdom. I read Indy comics from DD and Webtoons. While I drive, I Listen to the Quackcast of the week then Pandora music until next Tuesday. I watch Anime. Oh, and every 3 to 4 months I log in to FB and Like everything under the sun then disappear.

usedbooks at 10:26AM, Sept. 18, 2018

I write, watch DVDs, and keep pets (I also study genetics and breed rats). I read if I have time, and I love story-heavy video games. I like to go to museums when I can afford it. I spend a great deal of time worrying. Worry is my number one hobby.

Avart at 9:00AM, Sept. 18, 2018

No comic-family-job related hobbies. I play guitar and vocals in my cover band, play the base guitar in my other band. Also play the drums just for fun . Video games (mainly retro) are a must for me, so I could spend all the day playing :D

EssayBee at 6:41AM, Sept. 18, 2018

For me, I like spending time with my family, reading, listening to music, and running.

JustNoPoint at 6:06AM, Sept. 18, 2018

I code for the fan made fighting game Hyper Dragon Ball Z as my alternate hobby. Or play fighting games in general. You can see the trailer for the latest char I released for the game here Don't think Dragon Ball is a huge influence in my comic though! I'm luke warm with the series. It's fighting games like Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and King of Fighters that drives the HDBZ hobby. And in many ways my comics!

kawaiidaigakusei at 5:53AM, Sept. 18, 2018

What if Banes used the Quackcast to practice his ventriloquism the whooooooole time? That is so rad! My non-comic related hobbies: piano, crocheting, and collecting handcrafted soaps.

mks_monsters at 4:54AM, Sept. 18, 2018

Baking, reading, watching movies, exercise, going for walks, board games and travelling with my husband.

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