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DD Twitter Hour - Come in for a chat

Emma_Clare at 12:00AM, May 4, 2018

If you’re looking for a way to connect with a wider comic audience as well as fellow creators a great way to do so is fly over to Twitter and join in one the weekly chats held throughout the week.

These chats run for about an hour and it is super easy to join in. All you need is a twitter account and away you go! The format goes that five questions will be posted at 10 minute intervals usually focusing on a comic/webcomic topic and all you do is reply and ensure you have that hashtag!

The giant in the market, #ComicBookHour unfortunately ended its last chat hour a few days ago but its legacy will not be forgotten. It is followed up by the fast growing #WebcomicChat and #ComicArtistsUnited not far behind that.

But here’s the exciting bit! DrunkDuck is going to have its own Twitter chat each week and we want your help! We are looking to host our first chat on Monday 14th May at 4pm EST on the DrunkDuck twitter page but we need the community’s help in deciding what our hashtag will be. Luckily we’ve set up a forum for suggestions and we’ll be adding a poll for suggestions we like. We’ve already got a couple there to get us started. Polling will close Sunday 13th May and you’ll get to see our new chat tag in action the next day!

Suggest a hashtag for the DD Twitter chat!!

In the meantime, check out those hashtags and accounts to get a feel for it. Or let us know of your experience with twitter chats.

Till next time lovelies!



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