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kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 5, 2019

Quasi and Psudo are good friends, but that does not take away all the nervous energy of pacing around the room when sending multiple texts to each other or the hours spent getting ready to see each other. When they get together, they do magic and science tricks, which would be safer if their winged rabbit and odd chicken did not eat the fireball flowers, Burnice and Combust-opher. Quasi and Psudo have such a great friendship that they have all-nighters and wake up late for work the next day, but it does not prevent any future panic attacks.

The art is drawn with yellow-orange ombre backgrounds and black line-art. The creator, 1rd2th3st, is also the mastermind behind the black and white comic, CLINT, that was featured in 2015. Quasi and Psudo is drawn in a very different style, but still has much of the brilliant qualities from the previous comic.

Experience a fun friendship riddled with insecurities and read QUASI and PSUDO by 1rd2th3st, rated E!




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