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Dandelion Wine Days of Summer

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 17, 2019

“Hold summer in your hand, pour summer in a glass, a tiny glass of course, the smallest tingling sip for children; change the season in your veins by raising glass to lip and tilting summer in”
― Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

The school year ended last Thursday and I have already been to a graduation, caught up with old friends, and this week, I am going to be the maid of honor at a wedding. All of this adds up to gentle reminders that Summer is almost here.

I always wanted to have a dandelion wine Summer as Ray Bradbury talked about in his book with the same title. This year is going to be the first real Summer vacation that my schedule has allowed me to have, so I decided early on I wanted to spend it chasing fireflies and visit parts of the United States that have those lovely little lightning bugs from my childhood.

Along my journey, I found an awesome town to stay for a week in the same part of the world where Bon Iver found his quiet cabin in the woods to write his album “For Emma, Forever Ago”. With more research I have discovered that the town I am going to has been a draw for creative people in music and art because it has a real small town feel while staying in the suburbs. I like the fact that I am going to a place that inspired a person that inspires me.

I do believe that certain places have the ability to inspire creativity for anyone searching for it.

What are your favorite places of inspiration?

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NicAndBen at 1:55PM, June 17, 2019

(Nic) That sounds amazing! Hope you have fun in your travels. Completely agree with you about fireflies - love'em! <3 My favorite places of inspiration are the forests/parks around my house. Just take my two dogs, go hiking and ponder :)

Avart at 7:54AM, June 17, 2019

Have a great summer vacation!

Banes at 6:46AM, June 17, 2019

So many of your posts are like reminders to enjoy life more! Hope you have a great summer!

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