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FEATURED COMIC --> Customer Service

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 8, 2019

Customer Service is a very relatable comic for anyone who has ever had experience working from behind a cash register. There are familiar occurrences like the onslaught of a mixed variety of customers that ask a bunch of questions to the overbearing boss that believes the customer is always right to little, old ladies that like to share their whole life story. This is a window peeking into the slice-of-life craziness of a customer service representative.

The comic is mostly drawn in black and white with an occasional teal background. It is formatted in a four-panel square comic format.

Take a break from your day job to watch other people do their day job and read Customer Service by synwells, rated T!




Ozoneocean at 9:23PM, May 8, 2019

Kawaii has great taste!

Banes at 7:09AM, May 8, 2019


NicAndBen at 4:24AM, May 8, 2019

Thanks for the recommendation! Checked it out and it's a pretty fun comic! Must also be very carthartic for the artist too lol

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