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Drunk Duck Awards: Volunteers, Check Your PQs!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Aug. 24, 2020

Good afternoon, Ducks! If you signed up for the Drunk Duck Awards, volunteer assignments are going out now (starting on Sunday, August 23). Please let Niccea know (Niccea(at)gmail(dot)com) if you didn't find anything in your Inbox. Volunteers were signing up in several different places, but Niccea believes she got everyone.

As things stand. There are 7 more presentations up for grabs, though there are a couple of people that said they can do more presentations in a pinch, Niccea wanted to open it up to other volunteers first.

If you are still interested in volunteering for one of the seven presentations, then you can PQ or email Niccea.

Also, in the same vein, Niccea would LOVE to have 6 additional judges to the ones that have already signed up. All judges will be required to join the Drunk Duck Awards Discord server.

PQ Niccea


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cdmalcolm1 at 5:02PM, Aug. 25, 2020

I don’t know what to draw for this award show. Can I make like a short short about my characters getting into the reward show?

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