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Making Meaningful Connections

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 22, 2020

TP Time (2020)
This piece shows the relationship of toilet paper and time. Are they both running out or is it possible to buy more of either one?

I snapped a picture while staring up at a tall pile of toilet paper rolls and an analog clock. The quick pace of the second hand clicking like a pacemaker while it was echoing in the room.

I will be honest. The daily news, the current state of the world, the country, the county, my city seems so surreal, it is starting to become more difficult to get a firm grasp on reality. In the Stephen King novella, “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption”, a character named “Red” has just been released from prison and is starting up live in civilian society after being locked up for decades, and he remembers a line told to him by his friend Andy to either “get busy living or get busy dying.” I never really knew what that meant, because how is there a way to prepare for death since it is so unknown.

“Get busy living” has taken on a new meaning this year, where connections we have formed are becoming more important than just a respectful nod while passing a familiar face down the street. A meaningful connection can be sending someone who was an important part of your life at one point a message and letting them know that they are part of our collective conscious of memories.

At a time in our history where there is so much pain, anger, stress and animosity going around, would it really hurt to become a beacon of light and share positive memories with people who might be feeling lonely at this time?

We will not be around on Earth forever, so why use so much negative energy to hold grudges and pass around negative energy around?

Take the time to reach out to another human being from your past. Life is too short for grudges.

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kawaiidaigakusei at 1:14PM, June 22, 2020

@cdmalcolm- It must be stressful to know so many people whose lives are going to be different after this whole thing passes. It sounds like your mind is in the right place, which is really good.

kawaiidaigakusei at 1:11PM, June 22, 2020

@ozoneocean- amicably is always the best!

cdmalcolm1 at 9:20AM, June 22, 2020

This time around is like a movie. Surreal. And playing out life is like a video game. New education on how to handle this new life style change is challenging to some. Most of the ppl in my life are okay so far when I or they they reach out. However, so far the ones I know that have the virus or had it went through hell. My aunt and my wife niece’s father and my wife’s cousin’s boyfriend( who lost his arm from it), are recovering. I do a weekly or bi weekly will call to family and friends to see how things are going. So yeah, reach out. If need be send donations to family, friends and others who might need something as simple as TP or PT, food and so forth. Stay well everyone.

Ozoneocean at 7:13AM, June 22, 2020

Well I split amicably from my ex...

kawaiidaigakusei at 6:17AM, June 22, 2020

Thank you, hushicho!!

hushicho at 12:38AM, June 22, 2020

I agree it is essentially important in this time to reach out to those who are part of our memories and part of our lives. Those connections are absolutely crucial for just lifting ourselves and each other up, and going forward with strength. I do also think that it's important to keep hold of our anger and use it constructively. Being complacent and never expressing that anger is why we are presently where we are. We must come together, through those connections, and make things better for all of us. A well-written article!

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