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FEATURED COMIC --> My Magic Grandpa

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 18, 2020

Little ordinary Suzie is thrown into an unusual world… Her schoolmates are weird, her teacher is super bizarre and her grandfather is not what she expects at all, and thank goodness for that! This promises to be a funny, surreal, cartoony adventure with Suzie and her amazing grandpa. Watch out for the bonus story about a boy who inexplicably finds himself in the grey ashen world of limbo and comes face to face with the, old, cold denizen there. The art here is all digital, gloriously cartoony and full colour with a very pro look to it. The Reaper's Cabin chapter is black and white, with the emulated look of charcoal and ink. The story is pure fantasy fun and it's just starting up so make sure you get on board and follow along!

Read My Magic Grandpa, by JitterbugJive, rated T.



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