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Quackcast 500! Show your love for the D!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 4, 2020

This Quackcast this is getting to the big 500! THIS SATURDAY!

We've been doing this almost non-stop for 10 years now! Jeez man, that's ancient in internet years.
To celebrate we would like to cordially invite people to join our Google Meeting and talk with us LIVE at the appointed hour. You can do it on your phone or tablet if you don't have a webcam or a microphone on your comp.
Google App
iStore app

If you don't want to be live or can't make it then you can email me a short voice recording introducing yourself, talking about your comic, or singing or whatever to ozoneocean at gmail dot com. No more than 4 minutes in length and submit it before the 10th of October!
We'd treasure your contribution!
-We were going to be dressed up as Vampires for this but not now

The date:
3PM Greenwich Meantime, on Saturday the 10th of October. Running till 7PM GMT.
For the USA that's:
Eastern Daylight 11AM-3PM, Central Daylight 10AM-2PM, Mountain Daylight 9AM-1PM, Mountain Standard 8AM-12PM, Pacific Daylight 7AM-11AM, Hawaii 5AM-9AM

Meeting is in Google meet
Add yourself if you can or PQ me your Gmail so I can add you! Email me if you want at ozoneocean@gmail dot com.

Don’t forget you can now advertise on DrunkDuck for just $2 in whichever ad spot you like! The money goes straight into running the site. Want to know more? Click this link here! Or, if you want to help us keep the lights on you can sponsor us on Patreon. Every bit helps us!



hushicho at 3:52PM, Oct. 5, 2020

I do love the D. Wait, I mean...

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