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Advertisements and Comic Submissions Available for Raytoons Comics

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Aug. 30, 2021

The folks at Raytoons Comics have an announcement:

Would you be interested in having a preview advertising your comic for in my Cartoon Avenue magazine? 

The fifth issue will be sent out to print in a week, so I would need to know asap if you are interested in doing any advertising or shared publishing with the magazine.

I will also be doing a sixth issue in November.

I print at least 2000 prints per issue. I have already preorders for both of the upcoming issues, which I am very excited about. 600 pre-orders have already been made for the fifth issue and 450 pre-orders for the sixth issue.
In addition to the orders that I get from the USA and Canada, some of these orders were made in several places in South Korea, a school in Cairo, and a school in Singapore! 

My email address is ray(at)raytoons(dot)net, if you would like to email me. 

I can also send you a digital copy of one of previous issues of the magazine, if you'd like to see it. 


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hushicho at 3:12PM, Aug. 30, 2021

Ray does great brushes and pens, things you can download for Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop and a bunch of other programs. I admire that he always works hard to spread the love of the medium to the young, and he also gives them the gift of instruction in self-expression. I'm glad to see him supported.

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