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FEATURED COMIC --> Giovani Vigilanti

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Dec. 22, 2021

About 50 years ago people with superpowers started to emerge. This caused chaos and terror as society tried to find a new balance and cope with all these crazy people running around with amazing abilities causing destruction and fear, even vigilantes on the side of justice were a problem. Eventually things sorted themselves out and the state took control, cracking down hard on these chaotic elements in society. Most people seem quite content with things as they are and officially sanctioned vigilantes support that status quo, however, not everyone is quite so sanguine, there are super-powered terrorists who want change! Giovani wants to become a state hero… This is a superhero comic with original characters. The art is bold, clean, crisp and fully black and white. The dialogue is a little challenging because the author is Italian and translated this from their native tongue, but you can get the gist despite the odd syntax.

Read - Giovani Vigilanti, by Urekgp, rated E.



Ozoneocean at 6:57PM, Dec. 22, 2021

Glad you like it!

GreenHorn at 6:36AM, Dec. 22, 2021

Love the art on this. Well deserved Feature.

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