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Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Feb. 17, 2021

kitsune and Chielo are busy working on Orhla's Cassowary farm, making sure those big nasty birds don't escape into the demon infested areas of the world outside of Safe Zone 3. It's a tough job and the temptation to mess around is just too great for them… They're fighters, so rough and tumble comes naturally to them, let's just hope they don't have to test their skills against a demon! There's going to be a whole lot more to the story than this though… This is an action adventure scifi fantasy comic. It starts of fast and gets right into things with a very short prologue. The art is all digital, in black white and grey, stylised, charming in it's individuality!
Frae is also the author of the long running ENDL0CKE, which you should totally check out as well!

Read - FrayFall, by Frae, rated E.



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