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FEATURED COMIC --> But, I Don’t Like Parties

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Jan. 27, 2021

The late night phone call, “Hey Man! Do you want to come to a party?” asks a mysterious caller on the other line. The man sitting alone in front of his computer monitor, who has grown accustomed to anti-social late nights, half-heartedly agrees to join in on the dancing and debauchery, but in the back of his mind he is screaming, “But, I don’t like parties.”

But, I Don’t Like Parties is a bright, neon-stained trip into the perspective of a man who is not very fond of parties as he ventures into an actual party. This comic is a perfect read for the homebody who wants to experience physical touch and all the uneasiness of close proximity to another human while maintaining social distance. The visually pleasing and bright color palette used is a stunning treat for the eyes.

Follow this guy into a party, get lost in the crowd, and read But, I Don’t Like Parties by TENSA1, rated E!




kawaiidaigakusei at 10:42PM, Jan. 28, 2021

You are very welcome, TENSA1!

TENSA1 at 8:30AM, Jan. 28, 2021

Here I was thinking no one would read it. Thanks for the feature!

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