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Annnd we're back!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, July 17, 2021

Sorry for the down time! We had an issue with the renewal for our SSL certificate and some other problems that all went wrong after that. Alexey is cheeking on it now. It came at an awkward time- late at night on a Friday. There wasn't much we could do till the next day :(
It's all taken care of now. Thanks for sticking with us! <3

Special massive thanks and love to Alexey for being there for us and getting right on this!

And also special thanks to all the members who reported the issues to us! You're always there for us X



Prototype at 12:31PM, July 17, 2021

"Alexey is cheeking on it now." Glad he got to the bottom of the problem... ☺️

Ozoneocean at 8:36AM, July 17, 2021

Thank you

Amelius at 7:23AM, July 17, 2021

*flailing Muppet cheering* YAAAAY! Welcome back! Oh yikes about the bucket of problems that followed, thank you Alexey for taking care of that! And thank you Oz very much! It's stressful when these come along at the worst time, and you got a lot going on. We appreciate the dedication!

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