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Yesterday was Pi Day, Today is the Ides of March

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 15, 2021

One year ago, I was sitting on a carpet in my living room putting the pieces of a World Map puzzle together. The previous Friday, March 13th, started off like any other—daily commute to work—except the constant news on the radio talking about the Ivy Leagues sending their professors and students home, entire cities closing down in other countries, a bombardment of images on the television and Internet left me wondering when my part of the world would receive orders of a shutdown.

By second period, emails sent by the administration team made it seem like Spring Break was going to come early this year, before lunchtime silent text messages and quite whisperings were being passed around. I spent the lunch hour sitting alone in the dark while packing up all my belongings because I was not certain whether I would see the classroom again.

Here we are one year later.

What was originally two additional weeks of Spring Break morphed into fifty-two weeks of a homebound shelter-in-place situation that the whole world is more than familiar.

Deep Conversations.
Contemplating Mortality.
Searching for Meaning and Life’s Purpose.
Embracing Authenticity.

The last year has been spent actively seeking solitude from society. The physical demands have been more than manageable: stand at a distance, wash hands with soap, have a nose and mouth cover when going outside. It has been the Mental and Emotional, invisible giants, that have taken the most time and energy.

When selecting comics to feature over the last year, I have noticed a wonderful influx of beautiful comics with imaginative storylines (some even relating to current events). I admire how many creative types have utilized this year to build projects as an inker, colorist, or writer. I have seen many great stories told and ideas come to fruition.

It has also been a relief to see how everyone else is faring in their own parts of the world through a global community of comic creators. I have seen the return of many creators who have rediscovered the happiness of webcomics. Thank you, to all the people who have posted (and lurk) on the forums to keep everyone updated.

This last year has challenged me to think about Ideas that have only been surface level until now. It has forced me to step into the shoes of individuals who come from a different perspective than my own. Overall, I do believe that creativity and my fundamental love of the Humanities are saving my emotional health overtime.

Thank you all for letting creativity shine at a time that it is most appreciated.

Love was, is, and will always be the answer.

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Gunwallace at 1:24AM, March 15, 2021

"I told him, Julie don't go. It's the Ides of March, beware already."

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