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Time to play dead

damehelsing at 12:00AM, Oct. 24, 2021

We have another Sunday so therefor another movie article/review for you.

Today I am reviewing Alone, it is a zombie movie which is… perfect because I’m terrified of zombies, if there were to be a zombie apocalypse.. well… rip.

The movie starts out simple, a young man peeks out his window to take in the bright sun, his room looks rundown a bit and the windows are mostly covered with newspapers, and then we see him through his laptop screen and… he’s officially a werewolf. Seriously,

it’s Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf.
Yes, I’m still making bad jokes. Deal with it.

He introduces himself as Aidan and lets us know it’s day 42, we learn he’s keeping something of a journal, he even says as a way to stay sane in the terrifying situation he’s in, but then he gives up, on himself, on life. We witness him getting ready to hang himself when suddenly we get a flashback.

We see right before this chaos started.

Aidan awakes with a beautiful girl beside him because we all know she’s Team Jacob but she realizes she slept with the wrong werewolf when she wakes up to see Aidan beside her and she has the most disappointed look ever. I wish I could actually take a screenshot but… it’s like amazon knows when you’re trying to take one because whenever I try the screen goes black.
And yes, I use amazon to watch my movies.

Anyway, she gets up to leave, and to be honest, I don’t know where she goes but this is when Aidan wakes up and refreshes in the bathroom. Shortly after he’s dressed beautifully and we hear crying and screaming in the halls of his apartment building. When he turns on his TV an emergency broadcast is on and right after gun shots and screaming is heard outside his place, he looks outside and goes onto his balcony, we see someone burst through a window and a helicopter getting ready to crash.

Everything, dear reader, has gone to shit. :)

When he gets back inside a random man comes into his apartment, Aidan, understandably freaks out but his neighbor tries to calm him by saying “You’ve seen me before. You know me!”

After some back and forth between the two, mostly Aidan still wondering wtf his neighbor entered his apartment we cut to the news where a news reporter is giving as much info as possible on the subject, basically saying that the virus is transmitted through the blood, normally bites and scratches then the news cuts off, and guess what? That random neighbor actually has a bite on the back of his neck, so… everything is silent and awkward between the two, but Aidan is wielding a knife ready to defend his life, then slowly the neighbor begins transforming before him, the neighbor reluctantly leaves on his own accord due to this, and as soon as he steps out he gets nommed on.

Seems like some time has passed, I’m unsure if it’s hours or days, but the news is still going and Aidan is getting shit faced while trying to reach his loved ones. I guess service was done because a moment later he starts getting a bunch of text messages from his dad saying that there is scary shit on TV, asking about his sister, saying they’re going to go get him to eventually get a message that says “Can’t make it to you, Buddy. Don’t worry about us. We’re together. You just take care of your sister, be strong, and “STAY ALIVE.”” these messages were sent in the morning and suddenly a message from his mom comes through from 11:25PM saying they’ve been trying to reach him and to call them but “All the circuits are currently busy, please try again later.”

Next day, or something, the news is still going, where we get a bit more information on the zombies, we learn that there is chemical changes happening that’s impacting the brain function, something about rage and shame having a big part.
Moments later Aidan is unplugging his fridge to use it as a barricade against his door when news comes on about how rationing food is smart but the main thing to ration is water, that even though there is access now, it is only temporary.

Then Aidan starts his video log, he started it a week after the pandemic started. He can’t finish his first vlog properly and shuts it with rage.

We learn just a bit more about the infected in this world, I’m just going to copy what I see the doctor saying because I have a baby brain and can’t explain it in my own words.
“The first is that the reptilian brain becomes hypersensitive, particularly in the areas of anger and aggression. Triggered, as we have seen by contact with the uninfected living things. That when the reptilian brain is engaged, it suppresses the natural activity of the frontal cortex. Not enough to affect action but enough to– to scream” it cuts off because an infected started to bang on Aidan’s door, but then goes on to basically say that the infected are aware of what they’re doing and they can’t stop themselves but there is just enough control where they scream out loud, trying to stop themselves.

Aidan moves on to making his vlog, explaining how he’s running out of things and he knows he has to go out there at some point – his vlog is interrupted by noise, he immediately grabs his baseball bat ready for a battle. The noise is coming from his bathroom, he approaches slowly and suddenly a woman hits his wall and he runs away to hide. The woman slowly makes her way into the room he’s in, creating grunting noises and the like, she’s looking around and Aidan comes up from behind slowly and quietly, she turns around and without a second thought, Aidan claps her with his baseball bat.
He’s taken aback that he had to do this but he collects himself, he double checks to see if she’s alive, she isn’t. Aidan picks her up, takes her to his balcony and drops her over the railing.
He then moves to grab his surfboard and takes it to the bathroom where we see the woman had entered his apartment’s bathroom by climbing through the vents, he uses the surfboard to close the vent by having it wedged between the floor and the ceiling.

Aidan is back to his vlog when he gets a text message alert, he immediately runs to his phone and calls the number, of course that horrible message “All circuits are busy” does its thing again, but Aidan I believe reaches through? I say believe because during this whole time Aidan says nothing, there is no back and forth, it’s just his mom asking if he’s ok and explaining that they haven’t been able to get a hold of Aidan’s sister and then the dial tone pops up after what seems like his parents were attacked.
Aidan clings to his phone and cries, then tossing to his side in anger, even slamming his laptop closed.

Aidan then decides it’s time to go outside, possibly with the intent to kill because of his pent up rage.
Funnily enough, or weirdly enough, you decide, when he goes down the hall he sees his same neighbor laying on the ground, he turns to him screaming “I’m okay!” and then soon after two infected spot a tasty werewolf and go after him, basically rallying up everyone in the hallways as they’re no alerted of new meat. Luckily he gets away, he goes down a staircase and arrives at the lobby, he runs down the hallways like a total jock, body slamming the infected and getting past them all to arrive to a new staircase, where he makes his way back up and back into his apartment safely.
The most menacing infected so far is one that says “Come here” repeatedly. That dude is seriously creepy.

Later that night, Aidan is sitting back, taking a smoke break from the chaos in his life when boom, the power across the city begins to go out aaaand fade to black with a flashback to Aidan’s old life, where he’s smiley and adorable.

Hours later, Aidan stays staring down at a picture frame of his him with his family, with the sticky note attached to it saying “STAY ALIVE” – he goes to his laptop to make his final vlog and that’s where we catch up, him stepping up to hang himself, he wraps the noose around his neck and closes his eyes tightly, scared of what’s ahead but unable to confront the life he would lead if he stayed alive.

End movie.

Just kidding.

He opens his eyes one last time and… That’s when he spots her, the most beautiful creature that he has ever seen since this chaos started.

A woman sitting on her balcony, drawing.
In this moment of disbelief, Aidan loses his balance and knocks his chair over, almost strangling himself but luckily he’s so dummy thicc that the noose gives out. He falls to the ground but quickly collects himself and rushes over to his window to eye this majestic creature, this unicorn that he has encountered. But that’s when she heads back inside and closes the curtains to her apartment.

Aidan now has newfound hope.

Overnight, he gets prepared to make contact with this woman by finding markers and papers and getting himself ready. He even pre-made some cards with some messages and potential answers. That’s adorable.

In the morning he waits for her, he stops at the window and grooms himself, she appears at her window and opens up the curtains and quickly spots him, a smile appearing on her face.
Excitedly, Aidan grabs his paper that says “Hi!” on it and waves like a schoolboy with a crush.
Which is funny because he actually says to himself “Oh my god, you look like a psychopath.”
He introduces himself and quickly the woman leaves to grab a white board and writes her name, introducing herself as Eva.
They both learn that they’re alone.
Then Aidan asks if Eva has enough food and water, Eva replies that she has so so food but her water is almost gone, Aidan replies that he has so so food but he has lots of bottled water, Eva jokingly replies that bottled water is bad for the environment. They’re so fucking cute, I can’t stand it.

Eva turns her head quickly as clearly some commotion in her place is going and has to close her curtains. Before she goes Aidan asks if they can talk again tomorrow and Eva gives a thumbs up.

We’re only 38 minutes into the movie, we still have 54 minutes left, I’ll try my best to speed this up.

At night time it begins to rain and Aidan takes the opportunity to lay out pots to collect water and also take a shower, even shaving off his beard and getting all nice and clean. Eva gets a nice good look at his nude bod. Oh you voyeur girl, you. ;)
Next morning they meet up and Eva explains that there are infected clawing at her walls from time to time and it tends to get worse as the days go by.

Aidan, being the simp that he is, is ready to give her some his supplies, by having a line connect from his balcony to hers and then using a hanger to transport the bottled water.
Unfortunately an infected sees her and immediately becomes a simp too, quickly doing magnificent parkour from balcony to balcony but Aidan grabs his attention and kills him.

Anyway, eventually Aidan has to leave to get some supplies, he makes his way through the halls like a ninja and gets into one of the apartments and finds that dude has a lot of peanut butter for his… sandwiches, he also finds climbing gear and a pair of walkie talkies which is super useful but he’s soon attacked but he luckily gets out of the infected’s hold and also kills him too. He still makes it out with all of the supplies. He arrives back at his apartment and double checks himself for any scratches or bites, he’s all good though.

He climbs down from his apartment and tosses a walkie to Eva’s balcony, then quickly retreats back to his apartment like a damn ninja.

Next morning Aidan is woken up by the sweet sound of Eva’s voice. Both of them are ecstatic and engage in conversation.

Aidan makes another run and decides to go through the vents like an impostor.
He reaches an apartment that is absolutely stocked. But that’s also when he meets an old man, Edward. No, he’s not a vampire.
At first, Edward is standing guard, ready to defend himself but Aidan lets him know that if he had been bitten or scratched, he would be begging for the old man to end his life, because he wouldn’t want to become an infected. The two hit it off and engage in conversation, Edward says that Aidan is welcome to take anything from the house given it was never his. Aidan appreciates this but is soon knocked the fuck out by Edward.

Aidan wakes up to see Edward and hear grunting/screaming from an infected.

Turns out Edward has been keeping his infected wife alive by feeding her, he fed her their furry companions which is just awful, and now Aidan.
Edward seems very upset about what he has to do, he even tells Aidan he’ll let him take as pain killers as he wants but then he’ll make a cut in his femoral artery where Aidan will proceed to bleed out so he can’t resist and then move Aidan so Edward’s wife will feed upon him.

During this whole interaction his wife in the background, although reaching out for Aidan is repeatedly asking to be killed, just to give you an idea on how the people are still aware of what they’re doing but can’t stop themselves from doing it.

Eva gets worried about Aidan as he hasn’t been in contact with her this entire time and calls out to him, to where the old guy gets distracted and goes to see what’s up.
Aidan is immediately in simp-mode and frees himself from his bindings, when the old guy comes back into the room, Aidan grabs him and throws him onto the bed where the wife proceeds to eat him instead.

Aidan gets in touch with Eva where Eva lets Aidan know that the infected are now inside her house.
Aidan is now on his way to save Eva. He makes it back to his apartment and prepares his climbing gear and descends into the courtyard of his apartment complex.
Luckily he finds a shotgun conveniently near where he landed and is prepared for battle.
The infected start throwing themselves off of the building because they’re hangry. Plummeting to their death.
Eva has prepared a blanket/sheet rope and Aidan begins to climb up and stops at a floor below hers and Eva proceeds to move down to him. She lands on him and honestly, I think Aidan was just happy to have a girl on top of him again.
Anyway, they’re ready to make it back to his apartment in a blaze of glory, however when Aidan opens the door an infected pounces on him, knocking him door a staircase and the infected lands on top, biting at him, Eva helps him and they proceed on their merry way to the apartment, and when Eva reaches the apartment the final boss comes back, that’s right, the infected that says “Come here.” he knocks Aidan to the ground and they proceed to battle, after what seems like Aidan lost, the “Come here” infected tries to reach Eva but is pulled back and suddenly silence………

Then Aidan comes through and gets into his apartment, blocking his door with his fridge, Eva goes to touch him but Aidan tells her to stop, immediately stripping because he fears he’s been bitten, he begins to tell Eva that she has to hold him off and be prepared to end him if necessary, there’s blood on his shirt and Eva begins to cry because she can’t go on without Aidan, he moves to the balcony, getting ready to throw himself off if necessary.

Eva is begging Aidan to not do this, that she needs him, but he turns to her and says that she’s going to be okay, she saved his life and he loves her, she’ll be okay.

He removes his last shirt (he was wearing like three of them) when suddenly Eva is jaw dropped, basking in his glorious abs before her, just kidding, there’s no bite mark, Aidan looks down to see there’s no wound and the two are amazed and happy and relieved, embracing each other.

The moment is cut short when “Come Here” starts banging at the door, the two rush to hold the fridge to it, they lean against it and turn to each other, assuring that together, they can beat this and embrace each other.

End movie.

So… not necessarily horror, but… I thought this was a nice wholesome movie especially because guess what? The 31st lands on a SUNDAYYYY which means there will definitely be a spooky movie review for you and this movie I will be reviewing HORRIFIED ME FOR YEARS and still kind of does, so… I hope you like it, especially because I’m gonna have to re-watch it to properly review it…. ;-; rip.

Now we move on.

I have nothing to say badly about the movie, nothing negative but also nothing grand, I like how it was wholesome at the end and I thought the writers were smart about it, especially about when Aidan went to go get Eva, instead of climbing all the way up to her floor, her climbed and stopped a floor below her and she climbed down to him, it’s smart and saves time.

However, I have a theory that the “Come Here” infected guy is a serial killer of some sort because if we go back up to where the doctor had reported that the infected still can communicate, not well, but they can, a lot of the infected say “help me” “stay away” “kill me” among other words similar to those, BUT he is the only one who says “Come here” and I think that’s what made him the most horrifying, he knew what he was doing, as was stated by the doctor, they’re aware of what they’re doing but they can’t stop themselves… this guy didn’t want to stop himself it seems. He wanted to kill.
I know I’m probably just reaching here, but… I thought it was interesting how he was the only one that was really different and he seemed to have been the most horrifying one.

Also, just a funny mention, when I first watched this movie, I thought the girl that woke up in his bed actually went to the bathroom and that's who he killed?? Remember when I mentioned about an infected leaving his bathroom? I totally thought that was her and she was hiding this whole time but I was like… “wtf” - I really wasn't paying attention, but I just realized where she actually went was to just leave his apartment.

So… I do recommend watching it. I do think it’s a decent movie. I wouldn’t watch it again but… I’d tell others to watch it at least once.



Ozoneocean at 9:56PM, Oct. 27, 2021

I love your reviews!!! Much better than watching the movies <3

cdmalcolm1 at 5:30PM, Oct. 24, 2021

It kind of reminds me of like a teen wolf with Michael J Fox. ….let me restate that. It was almost like a teen movie from the 80’s maybe early 90’s feel to it.

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