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QUACKCAST 549 - Love stories

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Sept. 21, 2021

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In today's cast we're chatting about LOVE stories! This isn't a subject we get into much but it's a huge genre so we thought we'd tackle it. We thought none of us even WORK in that genre till I belatedly realised that Banes and I sort of DO with Bottomless Waitress hahaha! There's all sorts of love in there… Sorry for the sound quality with this one I've no idea what went wrong.

I'm pretty sure we all know a good love story or at least KNOW love love stories and most of us like them to some small degree, from passionate drams to romantic comedies, it's a wide genre and it real does get in everywhere. Humans, like most animals reproduce sexually and we're a highly social and cultural species so of course we've developed a lot of stuff around the stories of relationships and the imperative to procreate. Love stories of al kinds have been around since people started writing, so it's worth having a little chat about.
Some of the thing we mention here (sorry, we blanked on webcomics): Pretty woman, Cinderella, Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones' Diary, Joe Vs the Volcano, You've got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and of course- Princess Bride.

We're in 2021 now though and we like to imagine we've expanded the definition of “love” and relationships to things like polyamory, same sex and non-binary etc… but the truth is that these things have always been around just by different names, whether it's free love, androgyny or something else. To that end I mention ne of my fave SciFi books: Drinking Sapphire Wine and Don't Bite the Sun, both by Tanith Lee. It's a couple of SciFi stories written back in the 1970s about a genderless character who lives in a future world where everyone's needs are catered for by automatic, robotic systems, leaving people free to stay as juveniles for as long as they like. People switch bodies, genders and personalities at will. drug taking in encouraged, as is sex, but only if you enter into a formal contract. People have little robots that follow them around, hovering after them with which the can update people on their movements and share their status with all their friends and the rest of the society, gaining or losing popularity as they do. It's a very modern couple of books! And includes relationships between androgynous people.

What are your fave love stories?

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MaxJaw at 10:31PM, Sept. 24, 2021

Hey yo! I'm so surprised Max Jaw was featured. What a wonderful thing to see! Thank You. I wasn't expecting a thing, THEN this. It's a great gesture to keep someone motivated and creating. Major props peeps!!! And there's a theme song!!! What!? That's bad ass! Ok, I'll stop screaming now. Thank you everybody. You didn't have to, but you did. Props.

Ozoneocean at 9:42PM, Sept. 22, 2021

@Corruption - The crappy Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper film "All About Steve" is an anti-love anti-romantic comedy story. Spoilers: These two characters hook up in the beginning, she gets fixated on him and stalks him across the country partly by accident and because she gets manipulated (she's pretty spectrum... probably ADHD and or aspergers, so not great at social interaction but very smart). Anyway, in the end she redeems herself and becomes a hero, the misunderstandings get cleared up and she does NOT end up with the guy and they don't fall in love.

Andreas_Helixfinger at 9:24AM, Sept. 22, 2021

I wouldn't call myself a fan of romance as a genre in of itself. But I can enjoy romantic comedies from time to time like "As Good as It Gets" starring Jack Nicholson. I think that movie stands out for showing how a unlovable person can turn lovable, and how people can find and/or relocate the love of themselves, without even knowing how. The kind of slowly building up to a romance out of nowhere situation that beutifully showcases how strange and unpredictable life can be in a really good way from time to time.

EssayBee at 6:14AM, Sept. 22, 2021

I tend to like visual romances instead of talky ones. I always say my two favorite romance movies are "Braveheart" and "The Last of the Mohicans" (the Michael Mann version). The way they convey all sorts of emotion purely through looks and the perfect musical scores to go with those images is awesome. For more-traditional romance, I'd have to go with "Moulin Rouge."

usedbooks at 4:40PM, Sept. 21, 2021

One romance I did kinda like was Corpse Bride because it subverted tropes. (Also, it ultimately wasn't really a romance but a justice/vengeance story. 😆)

usedbooks at 4:37PM, Sept. 21, 2021

@Corruption: I love stories with no romance plot! There are so many other kinds of relationships in the world. My favorite stories (and ones that get me right in the feels) are ones with a focus on sibling relationships.

Corruption at 4:37AM, Sept. 21, 2021

One thing I dispise is when a romance sub-plot is forced into a story as they figure it is needed. Heck, books on types of plot even mention it is needed as part of Comedies. I wish I was joking. For me, I like the idea of a character can feel, but know they have to stay focused on the quest at hand. Other times it can be twisted, like people thinking two people are a couple, and even officially in denial about it. Twist here is they actually do not romantically link up! That is nice and refreshingly different Some romance plots are ok, but many are formulitic. Milles & Burns books actually give out templates for potential authors to follow! (Including how much sex to add)

usedbooks at 3:41AM, Sept. 21, 2021

I don't enjoy romance as a genre, but I do enjoy it as a subplot. My favorite relationships in fiction, however, are the mature ones. I like when we see the middle, rather than the beginning. Most stories are at the meeting phase, but I much prefer the been-together-a-few-years phase. I'm also a huge fan of platonic bonds and bromances. (It has become apparent to me that I might be ace or demisexual, which might explain my preferences in fictional romance types. Lol)

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