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FEATURED COMIC --> Remedial Magic

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 3, 2022

Felicity Stone, once a teen wizard prodigy of amazing power and achievement is now an adult woman teaching her first day of wizard school. Lucky for us she doesn't have any lessons prepared to lecture her students, instead she chooses to tell them how she started out as a wizard and how she first came into her powers. Her story is fascinating and draws you right in, opening up her world and the rules of magic, you learn about her power as she does in the early days. It's a very effective story technique. Remedial Magic is a drama, action, fantasy story about a teen girl learning how to handle her magical powers, and the adult version of her coming to terms with the choices she made back then. The art is full colour and digital, it's a little rough at times and simply drawn in the artist's style but expresses the needs of the story perfectly.

Read - Remedia Magic, by Sammeth, rated T.



Sameth at 5:30PM, Aug. 19, 2022

I just found out about my comic getting featured last night. Thank you so much!

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