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Quackcast 616 - Happy New years!

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 3, 2023

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Happy 2023! This was the last Quackcast of 2022 and the FIRST Quackcast of 2023! I was recording during 2023 while Tantz, Banes and Pit were still stuck in 2022 because of the time difference between us, so we straddled the years!
We had the full crew here of myself, Banes, Tantz Aerine, and Pit Face! We chatted about what we did with comics in 2022, what movies we saw and the issue of “AI Art” and how it impacts actual artists. It was a really cool talk!

What movies did YOU see in 2022 and what big changes happened to you?

It was lovely to see Pit again and you can see us all in great detail in the new video format on our Patreon video for those clever $5 and up supporters :)

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Short changed - Snappy, happy beat, with a joyful repealing piano tune. This is such a simple piece but is so nice and happy and friendly! This makes a lovely new start to the new year ^_^

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Withdrawn -

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Short Changed - - by Kiddermat, rated T.

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Ozoneocean at 9:31PM, Jan. 3, 2023

Yes, it can be used as a tool like any other, the issue for me and many artists is just around the source material, if that is ever addressed then it's all plain sailing. I don't think I'd rally care if people claim the cheap AI produced stuff as their own because I know that any real artist can make that same piece AND a sequel and prequel to it and can give you reasons for the use of every element and style choice.

DylanTale Comics at 10:18AM, Jan. 3, 2023

I remember seeing something about not just AI art, but how DeviantArt is literally setting the default of "let's take people's artwork and use them as a part of our AI art algorithm" which is not okay with me at all. That makes me all the more glad for leaving DA and coming here instead. With AI art itself, I can see the benefits and drawbacks of the concept itself. I do acknowledge that people might try to use AI art to generate pieces and then claim it as their own or something that "they made" which would not be fair, especially if that generated piece came from other people's art being included in that algorithm. BUT, I can also see the good as well. I'll give this example: With my comic series, one of my planned (spinoff) sets will include a lot of major characters. Each of them will have a really cool design, be it a visor, helmet, or something else. Using AI art to generate helmet designs as thumbnails or rough draft designs will serve as a massive source of inspiration.

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