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Happy Valentine’s Day, Ducks.

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Feb. 14, 2022

Photo: Venus and Adonis by Peter Paul Rubens

There are few days more appropriate than today to write about Love as a topic. Aphrodite herself, the goddess of love, fell in love with the beautiful Adonis, before his ill-fated day when he encountered the wild boars.

Love comes in many forms, a shape-shifter, a jester. There is the platonic, Eros love felt between friends and the more serious Agape love felt between romantic partnerships. In the throes of these two competing wave currents, there is another type of love that needs to be brought to the fore front: The love of self, self respect, and self care.

Delightful poet, Shel Silverstein once penned a book titled, “The Missing Piece”. In this story, a geometric piece with a missing wedge goes on a quest searching for a geometric shape to fill its hole. A subsequent sequel, “The Missing Piece Meets the Big O” was released from the perspective of the missing piece from the first book and its journey to become a fully-formed, whole circle.

The love of one-self comes in many forms. It is proclaiming, “Table for One! At a high end restaurant and being seated at the best seat in the house overlooking the clouds from the 89th floor in a skyscraper. It is understanding that life is one thousand times more fulfilling when chasing a passion. It is taking a break from a daily routine and reading a good book.

Remember to be kind to yourself this Valentine’s Day.

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Ozoneocean at 8:47PM, Feb. 14, 2022

Good message!

hushicho at 5:30PM, Feb. 14, 2022

Let's not forget Lupercalia! A joyous one to all of you!

Andreas_Helixfinger at 9:45AM, Feb. 14, 2022

Valentine's Day love to you all, and all that you love.

cdmalcolm1 at 3:26AM, Feb. 14, 2022

Take care of yourself and each other. -Bob Ross

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