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UP THE PYRAMID: A Nowhere Near Guide to Self-Actualization Climbs to One Hundred Pages

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 9, 2022

Photo: “CIRCUS OF THE TIRED BEASTS” by BUDLO. Woodblock print.

Today we have a very special announcement from BUDLO, the creator of the recently featured comic, “Up the Pyramid”:

Topic: UP THE PYRAMID hits 100 pp.!

Only a handful more pages then I think I'll close it down for a bit. Wanted to just put it out all month. Thanks again.-C


Up the Pyramid is described as, “a nowhere near guide to self-actualization” by the comic’s creator.

Similar to pancakes, webcomic updates are best fresh out of the pan. So catch these fresh updates that BUDLO churns out as Up the Pyramid completes its first hundred pages.

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Ozoneocean at 6:14PM, May 9, 2022

Wow! congrats!

BUDLO at 6:10AM, May 9, 2022

Thank you for this awesome highlight!

hushicho at 2:19AM, May 9, 2022

Well done!

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