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Quackcast 629 - Reevaluation cast

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 4, 2023

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Have you ever watched a series devotedly then lost touch with it for some reason for a while and then gone back to it a couple of years later and tried to get into again but this time you look at it with a very different perspective? Or maybe you loved a movie when you were young and decided to watch it again as an adult to see if it holds up?

Reevaluation can be quite interesting! You see stuff with new eyes. Sometimes it holds up fine, sometimes you see new things and appreciate it in a whole new way, and sometimes you just see it as trash…

One example I give in the Quackcast was Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, those two Arnold Schwarzenegger fantasy movies from the 80s. When I first saw Conan the Barbarian as a kid I thought it was trash; it was dark, overly sexy, gory, stodgy, way too serious, had clunky effects, it was just too slow and the climactic scene wasn't satisfying. When I first saw Conan the Destroyer I loved it; it was brash, bold, exaggerated, fun, funny, completely over the top, and the ending was amazing. However watching them both as an adult I saw them very differently, I saw Conan the Barbarian as a clever and beautifully told story, almost an opera with a rumination on nihilism and Nietzsche with many interesting themes and an absolutely perfect ending, while Conan the Destroyer is completely silly and cartoonish with no themes, just whacky foolishness with some good fight scenes and Grace Jones.

Do things hold up when you revisit them? Do you change your opinions, or does nostalgia protect you against seeing them with new eyes?

This week Gunwallace has given us the theme to Blank Galaxy - A pastel pink and white star field. A void, void of detail… quickly invaded by throbbing pixels glowing brightly and filling the world with scintillating detail. This is a pulsing, trancy, electronica sound.

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Ozoneocean at 12:43AM, April 7, 2023

Red Sonja and Conan the Destoryer were quite campy in places, but not Barbaian, pretty much zero of that aspect, just too dour and serious.

fallopiancrusader at 10:38AM, April 5, 2023

When they came out, I pretty much saw both of those Conan movies as pure camp. It's pretty funny how those classic I.P.s can either pass or fail the test of time. I was 13 when the first Star Wars movie came out, and I read The Lord Of The Rings at roughly the same age. I thought they were fantastic at the time. But then when revisiting those products later in life, I found both of them completely uninteresting.

Ozoneocean at 8:37PM, April 4, 2023

@dpat57 - oh yes the music! Basil did an amazing job. Above and beyond.

Ozoneocean at 8:36PM, April 4, 2023

@Marcorossi- Yes, very different directors! The Red Sonja/Destoryer guy was more into silly movies, while John Milius was a far more serious fellow XD I wouldn't agree with his political views but he made a damn fine film! It's rare than a Genre movie is done that seriously... It's close to a Spaghetti western in that. It deviated from the original sources but the spirit was there

marcorossi at 4:52AM, April 4, 2023

I now realize that Conan the Destroyer has the same director of Red Sonja. Whoopsie!

marcorossi at 4:40AM, April 4, 2023

I did also re-evaluate the Conan movies, although I wasn't all that negative in the 80s either. In the 80s there were very few fantasy movies, so as a fantasy fan just the fact that those were fantasy movies was a big plus for me, but I was pissed off because the character of Conan is different in various ways from the original (the original is just an aggrssive guy, he doesn't have the "escaped from slavery" thing, and is quite smart, not the stereotype of the stupid barbarian). Today there are a ton of fantasy movies, but they are quite stereotyped in another direction, so I appreciate the Conan movies for being closer to the original pulp style. Also the quality of the direction is quite high (much better than, say, Red Sonja).

dpat57 at 12:09AM, April 4, 2023

Both Conan movies had a lot going for them, but some poorly written scenes and more than a few acting instances were so sh!tty they threatened to break the whole experience. Great music though, and women to die for (if you're a hormone-driven hetero teen), with lips that could suck the seeds out of a watermelon at 50 paces.

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