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Furry Tale the Heart of Fate Lights Up Its Hundredth Page; Drunk Duck Awards Ballots Still Open!!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, June 26, 2023

Photo: “100 Pages!”. Furry Tale the Heart of Fate by Jesse_Koehler. (June 2023)

The creator of Furry Tale the Heart of Fate, Jesse_Koehler, has some special news to share—

Jesse_Koehler writes:

“Hi :)

My comic reached 100 Pages today ^^
And I want to Ask you, If it could appear in The Newsposts.
That would be awesome.”

Furry Tale the Heart of Fate Link:


A long time ago, in a parallel universe the world was created by 3 gods with a Power known as magic. But their plan to create a paradise went wrong. Luckily, the gods had an emergency plan. It is said that the chosen one will appear at the right time to restore the balance. Can he defeat the forces of evil or will the plan fail? the uncertain future of earth can only depend on the hero's decisions, which lie in his heart. the heart of fate.

Furry Tale the Heart of Fate Link:

Congratulations on reaching the One Hundredth Page, Jesse_Koehler! Now everyone should head over to Furry Tale the Heart of Fate and enjoy the first hundred pages of the archive.



The ballot is an open ballot, write-in your favorite comics!

Ballot will be open from June 11th, 2023 until July 8th, 2023.

~One ballot per person. (Must have a valid Drunk Duck Account)
~No voting for yourself. (That means comics you work on)
~Drunk Duck hosted (or mirrored) comics only.
~Comics must be actively updating (last update June or later) or completed within the last year.
~You may enter a comic in more than one category (however, don't enter it for all categories.)
~You don't have to fill out every category.
~ After you are done please consider volunteering for the Awards as a presenter or judge
~ Email  niccea (at) gmail (dot) com any questions/comments/concerns.

Niccea writes:

The day is finally here!!! The 2023 Awards ballot is open.

Also…I need Presenters and Judges!!! Please consider volunteering. Judges have join our Awards

If you want to volunteer, post here, PQ Niccea, or see the channel in Discord.

Here is the link for awards voting—

Official Awards Ballot Link:

Discord Link:

PQ Niccea:

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Jesse_Koehler at 2:52AM, June 27, 2023

Thank you all very much ^^ and all power to The coconuts! 💪

kawaiidaigakusei at 11:28PM, June 26, 2023

I totally dig this cover image, thank you Jesse_Koehler for drawing it!

Slingy at 2:47PM, June 26, 2023

Congrats on reaching 100 pages! :D

HawkandFloAdventures at 4:51AM, June 26, 2023

Congratulations on 100 pages! :)

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