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Last Week to VOTE in the Drunk Duck Awards Ballot; M.Organ turns eighteen; Nocturne 21 Achieves 100 Pages!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, July 3, 2023

Photo: “Duck and Quail: Drunk Duck and Insecure Quail”. Written by Genejoke and Tantz_Aerine. Drawn by Davidxolukoga. (June 2023)


Niccea writes:

The day is finally here!!! The 2023 Awards ballot is open.

Also…I need Presenters and Judges!!! Please consider volunteering. Judges have join our Awards

If you want to volunteer, post here, PQ Niccea, or see the channel in Discord.

Here is the link for awards voting—

Official Awards Ballot Link:

Discord Link:

PQ Niccea:



Nocturne 21 by Grape Ape

Grape Ape writes:

Hi! This Tuesday is Nocturne 21’s 100 page milestone and I was wondering if I could have a newspost for it. Thank you so much!

Nocturne 21 Synopsis

After a long day of work, a doctor trudges home in the pouring rain only to find a dying teenage boy in the road. He takes the boy home, saving his life, only to discover the he has no memory of who he is. The doctor and his daughter invite the boy to stay with them and as time goes on, discover some strange and unexplainable things about their newest family member.


Congratulations on reaching 100 Nocturne 21 Pages, GrapeApe! An AMAZING accomplishment.

M.Organ Anniversary

M.Organ is celebrating a special occasion today:


M.Organ Art is celebrating 18 years on the Duck on Monday, July 3.

Have a nice day,

M.Organ Synopsis

Adults Only!!! The cartoons of M.Organ generally feature nudity, sometimes sex, & occasionally bad language! Other than that they try to be funny, if a bit strange. Tries to update on Sundays


Congratulations, M.Organ, for commiting to your comic creating for the last eighteen years.

What's Quacking?
Do you have any original art to contribute to our stock image database, announcements, community projects, ideas, news, or milestones to report? Please leave general comments below or send a PQ to kawaiidaigakusei.



GrapeApe at 5:18PM, July 4, 2023

Thanks so much Plymayer and dpat for the congrats! Thank you so much, Kawaii for including me in the milestone shoutouts! I’ve been grinding at this comic for 20 years, so it’s nice to actually feel like progress is being made. 😝

MOrgan at 12:32PM, July 4, 2023

Thanks! :-)

dpat57 at 11:23AM, July 3, 2023

Congrats on these milestones! ...and damn that awards voting doc for asking so many questions, I couldn't even come up with enough sensible answers.

plymayer at 5:42AM, July 3, 2023

Congratulations to Nocturne 21’s 100thand M.Organ Art's 18 years on the Duck (23 on the interwebbs).

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