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Blessed Days (Ch7 Sneak Peak): “Smoke and Mirrors”; Davidxolukoga’s Origin Becomes a Video Game; Cast Your Vote for Best Presenter in the 2023 DD Awards!!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Oct. 16, 2023

Photo: “Chapter 6- Page 110”. Blessed Days. Original story and characters created by InkyMoondrop. (October 2023)

Blessed Days Milestone Announcement

Message from Blessed Days creator, InkyMoondrop:


It's that time again!

The 6th Chapter of Blessed Days comes to an end on the 18th of October! On the 20th starts Chapter 7, which will be about twice the size of a regular chapter and in regards of plot, will play out in give or take 4 days within the story. It will publish for the most part 1 page / day, towards the end 2 pages / day and it should last until around April next year.

Let me get this out of the way: yes, a main protagonist of the story is in fact dead and yes, she will continue to appear in Ch7 (in a “normal” way, not through flashbacks). There will be a 4-year time jump between the two chapters.The new one will start with 6 days of informative trading cards featuring the characters with superpowers, after which the comic will resume the regular page format.

I can promise you a lot of drama, dark mystery and wicked twists for Ch7, that will have the title: Smoke and Mirrors. What I can tell you about it already is that here, “Novas” (or people with superpowers) are known and famous, but that fame comes with a price. They live their lives in the midst of half-truths and optics, while they still struggle with grief, each in their own way. The foundation of these relationships is fractured and running from the pain of loss makes these people act in ways we never thought they would. We'll experience different, often shocking, ugly and new sides of them. And in the midst of all this disorder, a new threat emerges quietly. Without a soul, without a name, one born out of fear, waiting like a spider on its web, to bring the death of many and ultimately the downfall of heroes.

Photo: “NOOOO! ROBIN!”. Blessed Days. Chapter 6 - Page 111. Original story and characters created by InkyMoondrop. (October 2023)

Chapter 7 will be a slow-burner, but in due time it will pack a punch 2-3 others could, combined. Thank you, dear readers for the awards and the support, tune in for a brand new chapter!”

-Inky Moondrop

(Thank you) :)

Community Announcement: Origin Becomes a Video Game

Photo: “Origin Gameplay Screenshot”. Original story and characters created by davidxolukoga. (October 2023)

Message from Origin creator, davidxolukoga:


I have a very special announcement to make; my comic, Origin, is getting its own video game pretty soon. Readers get to be Swoosh. Date?? Before the holidays.”

Origin Comic

Awards Wrap-Up Announcement

**Cast your vote for the 2023 Best Presenter Award!**

Message from 2023 DD Awards MC, Niccea:

After two weeks of presentations, there is only one award left to decide, the Best Presenter Award. After browsing through all the awesome presentations and extras, please remember to vote for your favorite presenter.

Voting Ballot:

Votes for Best Presenter and extras for the Awards comic will be accepted until October 28th.

Extras can take the form of “behind-the-scenes” action, acceptance/concession speeches, etc.

Thank you so much to all our volunteers and readers this year and congratulations to all the winners. Plymayer and I tried to make sure everyone was aware of their wins.

Voting Ballot:

DD Awards 2023:

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HawkandFloAdventures at 5:00AM, Oct. 16, 2023

It's been a great ceremony this year I've had a blast :)

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