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Blessed Days Breaks Through 1,000 Milestone; Mercury Virus Milestone Makes 75; Preorder TheDeeMan’s E-Book “The Wee Ones”; HawkandFloAdventures Hits 850 Pages and Opens Twistverse Q&A!!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 8, 2024

Photo: Blessed Days by InkyMoondrop

“Blessed Days 1,000 Page Milestone”

InkyMoondrop writes:


If my estimates are correct, Blessed Days should be reaching its 1000th page on the Duck on the 8th of April, Monday (Today), I will publish 4 or 5 pages that day with a memorable, powerful scene among them. Also: the final chapter of the story is still very much in the making and will be for months, but it should be ready to start publishing from the 1st of May, this means the currently running Chapter 7 will receive a few bigger updates like this one, where readers can enjoy the key moments of the chapter finale in one batch.

The Final Chapter should run until around November / December this year, it will be very shounen-like, as it takes on the Battle Royale and Heist genres, several side characters from earlier will get featured again along with new ones. It should be an action, twist and excitement-filled, emotional ending to this story, with Grace well into her teenage years and Dylan approaching adult life. Old enemies and our heroes alike will get to make their final stand with the rise of a New God and we'll learn about The Plan of the original Creator as well. I hope to bring a satisfactory conclusion to all my main characters and the story I've been writing for almost two years now. For now, tune in for the next weeks to see these characters fight for their survival and to find out which of them will succeed.

Inky Moondrop

Blessed Days Comic:

“75 Page Milestone by Mercuryviruscomic”

Photo: Mercury Virus by mercuryviruscomic

Mercuryviruscomic writes:

Good morning!. I was just wanting to let you know that Mercury Virus Comic just posted page 75!

Mercury Virus Link:

“Some DD News by TheDeeMan”

Photo: “The Wee Ones” Ebook Cover by TheDeeMan

TheDeeMan writes:


I just wanted to let you and the DD fam know that I've got a new horror thriller coming out called “The Wee Ones” that is currently in pre-order for the exclusive pre-order price of just $.99:



While investigating the brutal murder of a team of archeologists on an ancient druid henge, Dublin Murder Squad detectives Siobhan Ryan and Seamus O'Connell follow the blood stained evidence through small town   secrets, mysterious religious sects, and into the dark recesses of Irish  myth, legend, folklore–And blood thirsty little creatures that bite!!!

“The Wee Ones” by Darryl Hughes
Ebook (pre-order)

“The Wee Ones” Ebook (Pre-Order) Link:

Darryl aka TheDeeMan

TheDeeMan User Page:

“HawkandFloAdventures Milestone and Twistverse Q & A”

Photo: Twistverse Question and Answer by HawkandFloAdventures

HawkandFloAdventures writes:

I've decided to update on top of the current Hawk and Flo Adventures mirror on every site. Tomorrow Hawk and Flo Adventures will have hit 850 pages.

HawkandFloAdventures Comic Link:

This week one of the planned Space Pack crossovers is starting. I'm really excited to be back and working on it :D.

One last thing. You know how a while ago you asked if there was a Hawk and Flo hunting werewolves chapter? Well this is that chapter <3.

There's going to be a Twistverse comics q And a are there any questions you would like answering? They can be about any comic or character.

Send a PQ to HawkandFloAdventures for any Twistverse Questions

HawkandFloAdventures PQ Link:

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mks_monsters at 12:22PM, April 11, 2024

What an exciting time!

InkyMoondrop at 12:01PM, April 10, 2024

Thank you. Both you and Kawaii.

HawkandFloAdventures at 3:06AM, April 8, 2024

Congrats on 1000 pages only! Hoy dang!

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