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Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Feb. 14, 2024

Abel has suffered terribly, he dies in awful pain after being attacked by a demon and seeing his family killed, if only someone could save him. Hoover is a small silly vacuum cleaner demon, he doesn't have many prospects and other demons pick on him, if only he could find someone who needs him… These two entities find one another and unite in an unlikely team. VacMan is born! Part man, part demon vacuum cleaner. Will they be able to help one another? this is a very interesting pixel art webcomic all done with line art. It has a very unusual look to it. The story is pared down and quite simple but it's still very engaging and interesting because of the focus on these two characters.

VacMan -, by Spooky Kitsune, rated T.



Banes at 8:31AM, Feb. 14, 2024

Congrats! A well done comic!

Ironscarf at 5:57AM, Feb. 14, 2024

Congrats, the pixel art style really stands out.

HawkandFloAdventures at 3:24AM, Feb. 14, 2024

@Spooky Kitsune congrats on the feature! :D

Spooky Kitsune at 3:05AM, Feb. 14, 2024

Wow! Thanks so much! this is one hell of a surprise especially on Valentine's day!

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