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FEATURED COMIC --> A Lunatics Tale

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, June 5, 2024

Riley Zinc and Flint Dartson smuggle themselves to the crazy sea plateau island of Mercia in an airship and immediately find themselves in the middle of a dastardly mystery! A senator is killed right in front of Riley by having a vending machine squish him flat. By a series of mishaps they end up finding themselves tasked with being a the new bodyguards for a Miya, a strange girl with magical powers and that leads to yet further adventures! A Lunatics Tale features fully coloured digital art with a very refined style and lovely use of colour. The story is action adventure comedy, with magic, mystery and murder!

A Lunatics Tale -, by BeckKeep, rated T.



BeckKeep at 10:35AM, June 9, 2024

Aw, shucks!

J_Scarbrough at 10:02AM, June 5, 2024

I feel like I may have looked into this comic once before, but I may need to take another look into it again.

Spooky Kitsune at 5:44AM, June 5, 2024

Oh my god I love this comic! I'm so glad it's getting the attention it deserves :oD

InkyMoondrop at 4:44AM, June 5, 2024

I figured. But 13 years is pretty justified for a refeature, reboot or not. :D

Ozoneocean at 4:41AM, June 5, 2024

@InkyMoondrop- haha! Funny you should say that. This had a feature already in its earlier version before it was rebooted. I think it was about 13 years ago or something.

InkyMoondrop at 12:08AM, June 5, 2024

Yes! This was long overdue.

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