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Animated X-Men ‘97 Series Picks Up Where 1997 Left

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 11, 2024

Photo: “Memorial dedicated to Professor Xavier” from X-Men ‘97 Trailer. Characters owned by Marvel Studio and Disney+. (2024)

A teaser trailer for the latest Marvel installation of X-Men’97 was released a few weeks ago leading up to the first episode’s release on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

The one hundred and six second trailer begins with the original founder of the X-Men, Professor Xavier, on his deathbed bidding all of the mutants a fond farewell. His death is a passing of a torch to the remaining members, marking the beginning of the new animated series.

It showed scenes of familiar characters like Morph, a shape-shifting mutant, who was thought dead in the pilot episode of the original animated X-Men cartoon when it aired on FoxKids’ Saturday morning lineup in 1992. (Morph later returned as a darker version of his original personality to officiate Cyclops and Jean Grey’s wedding filled with revenge during the Phoenix Saga). There are references that the story is continuing beyond the Phoenix storyline by showing Jean Grey carrying Cyclops’ child. More often than not, the appearance of the Phoenix is an indication that the current version of the X-Men franchise is coming to an end and a different iteration is going to become a reboot.

In a separate trailer released by Marvel Entertainment one day ago, Cyclops is shown being disarmed by two men, one wearing a military beret and a second one sporting a pronounced mullet, followed by a throwback “NOT” joke that became one of Cyclops’ catch phrases in the animated series. The first time Cyclops was caught using a “NOT” joke was in response to a mutant security guard Sentinel in the 1992 pilot.

Some jokes never get old.

Photo: “Gambit, Wolverine, Rogue, Jubilation Lee, and Morph” from X-Men ‘97 Trailer. Characters owned by Marvel Studio and Disney+. (2024)

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