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Palm to Palm is Holy Palmers’ Kiss

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, March 25, 2024

Photo: “Rogue and Magneto”. X-Men ‘97 by Marvel Studios. (March 2024)

Dispersed through my recommended videos Saturday morning were clips of an X-Men Universe pairing that has left me both confused about this new development and curious about exploring the Uncanny X-Men comic archives, specifically, the Savage Land saga. The very act of these two well-known mutants entertaining a relationship with each other would add a new dimension, turning one of the most developed relationships in the series into a love triangle.

The couple development in question, of course, is Rogue and Magneto after sharing an intimate moment where their hands touched. The X-Men ‘97, episode two scene takes place in Magneto’s study, where Rogue approaches Magneto to talk about the past. They reference a sort of romantic intimacy between each other as a cat that’s “gotta stay in its bag” and that it happened “a long time ago”. A Rogue and Magneto pairing IS part of the Marvel canon, with explanations of why Rogue is able to touch Magneto’s hand without absorbing his power or hurting him — their powers cancel each other out.

Even though Rogue and Gambit officially tied the knot in the Mr and Mrs X comic book series (released 2018), the secret meeting scene between Magneto and Rogue in X-Men ‘97 closes with a camera close-up on an eavesdropping Gambit as he somberly drops one of his playing cards out of defeat.

Having dealt with time traveling characters and multiple futures, there are several different timelines in the X-Men world that a Rogue and Magneto storyline only sets up a giant clue that the series has selected to go down a path that leads to a plot involving Mr. Sinister.

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InkyMoondrop at 6:33AM, March 26, 2024

I started watching the '92 series to get more context, because this one really is great. Rogue's southern accent takes some getting used to. I'm keep expecting her to cry out for "Uncle Hank". I can't take it seriously when people say X-men turned woke. When was it NOT in-your-face about how minorities handle being feared and stigmatized? Because an exec-producer referred to a character as non-binary? Yeah, no shit, the shapeshifter doesn't identify as male or female and there's a word for it now. If that ruins the experience for someone, just how much they resonated with its themes in the first place...?

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