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FEATURED COMIC --> Soulmates by SirMollington

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 27, 2024

Being a nightclub singer, dressing in fancy clothes, impressing the crowd, and performing should be a dream! but not for Amphi, not anymore… The city she loves has fallen to corruption and greed, the mob controls the town, they control everything! And now what's worse is they're even letting monsters into the place… But maybe things will change, her heart is stirring.
This is an anthro comic with some groovy character designs, it's mainly black and white with some limited colour, very clean lines and a beautifully honed style. The story is a drama, with hints of romance, noir, and mobsters!

Soulmates by SirMollington -, by Sir_Mollington, rated M.



mks_monsters at 3:15PM, April 1, 2024

I love the art.

Amelius at 9:42AM, March 28, 2024

Beautiful character and art! I suspect one of those sheep she's a mixture of is Ampharos, I thought she was a gijinka at first! :)

Ozoneocean at 7:27PM, March 27, 2024

@Sir_Mollington - Thanks for that! I initially thought she was that sort of creature actually but the more I looked at the colour version I started to think she was sort of a bee or wasp. But yeah, she looks very cool.

Sir_Mollington at 5:22PM, March 27, 2024

First of all: Thanks a million for featuring me!! :D Didn't expect that coming. And to answer the question what kind of creature Amphi is: The species is called "Anaphiel", self-made species pretty much. Mixture of sheeps, goats, deers, antilopes... And the name is kinda associated with angels. More fitting for her, more unfitting for the criminals ig

Ozoneocean at 5:06PM, March 27, 2024

@Jesse_Koehler - She l0oks pretty cool, doesn't she? No idea what creature she is though! XD

Ozoneocean at 5:05PM, March 27, 2024

@J_Scarbrough- I hope you like it :)

J_Scarbrough at 9:26AM, March 27, 2024

This one looks and sounds rather compelling; I may need to check it out.

Jesse_Koehler at 3:23AM, March 27, 2024

Weird. I Had The Same thought, to let a Character with similarities to that one, have an appearance on a Stage.

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