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Furry Tale - The Heart of Fate by Jesse_Koehler has Achieved 150 Page Milestone

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, April 1, 2024

Photo: “Furry Tale - The Heart of Fate”. By Jesse Koehler. (December 2022–)

150 Pages Milestone

(Here is a message written by Jesse Koehler of Furry Tale - The Heart of Fate)

So yeah, since The Last milestone The Comic has pretty much developed in Things Like: Story telling, fight scenes, variety and Character development. Short Said, the Things became more intense than before and i have a good Feeling about how it is right Now. A new Change since Oktober Last year is, that Hand drawn Pages get scanned and then uploaded in black and White because i am still lacking of time to colorize every Page. Therefore i have decided to Draw more Details instead, to let it Look better. It kinda has a Touch of Manga Now. 

I am exited how far The Comic will Develop and with what Else i will Come Up with in The Future. Hope you are exited as Well and enjoy The 2nd half of niceland adventure with its unusual places, weird Trolls and even a Special guest, For which The Artist gave me The OK today.

(i Made a Special picture For this announcement again, but have decided to Not publish it yet. It would spoil too much.)


Excellent, awesome work, Jesse_Koehler! Now go and read all one hundred fifty pages today.

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