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Quackcast 686 - May the fourth be with you

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 7, 2024

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We recorded the Quackcast on the 4th of May, which of course means that it was “May the fourth”, the Star Wars celebration date! So we decided to talk about Star Wars, but instead of our usual rants about what we think could be done better we kept it to mainly positive stuff, focussing on what we loved about the films, mainly original series, which are the best ones.

My fave version of Luke is the first one with the shaggy hair and wild eyes. I Love the mecha, the costumes, the armour, and the ships, especially the awesome Star Destroyers. My fave characters are the original Boba-Fet (not the modern fat, bald version), Darth Vader, Lando Calrission, Han Solo, and C3PO, Gand Moff Tarkin. My fave Star Wars films in order are: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars (it wasn't called :new hop or episode 4 till years later), Return of the Jedi, Rogue One, Solo, Caravan of Courage, and Battle For Endor. And I love the Mandalorian series.

What are your fave things about Star Wars? The light sabers, the AT-AT walkers, the spaceships, the characters? Or do you dislike it all?

This week Gunwallace was pressed for time so I've chose one of my favourite themes: Tomb Busters - Compelling, regal, atmospheric, steel guitar country rock, this is a triumphant epic that will swallow you whole and leave you gasping for air.

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Ozoneocean at 7:37PM, May 7, 2024

@marcorossi - for me the Empire Strikes back is essential, the first film is the best but the second one gives us the world of Star Wars, while the first film is just a light intro to it. Empire massively expanded things and let us live there! In the first movie it's mainly a desert planet and a bunch of space stations and ships (from memory), which was great but then in the second one we see gigantic mecha, monsters, titanic battles, all sorts of different ships, an ice planet, robots, a flying city and so much more! It expanded things from a self contained fairytail "save the princess" story into a fully realised place where you can imagine so much more.

Ozoneocean at 7:29PM, May 7, 2024

JohnCelestri you made Bobba Fet!

PaulEberhardt at 2:22PM, May 7, 2024

@marcorossi: I'll second that. There's a sweet spot when a story is just done being told and any later additions take away some of the awesomeness, poaching from the realm of your nicely fired-up imagination. This said, I do like the original trilogy as a whole, even if while growing-up, I came to realise more and more, too, how much they are later additions rather than parts of a whole. However, that was still the amount of addition that actually adds instead of taking away. Those three still left enough untold for the sweet spot to stay in its pristine, effective state.

Ironscarf at 9:53AM, May 7, 2024

My favourite thing about Star Wars is that I once went to buy a television set (cathode ray tube variety) with Chief Chirpa, or at least the actress who played the part. Lovely lady who chose not to persue an acting career after that and avoided signing a single autograph until fans managed to track her down a couple of years ago.

JohnCelestri at 8:19AM, May 7, 2024

@marcorossi, I agree that the original Star Wars (ep.4) had more energy because the story had a beginning, middle, and end to it. It also introduced a grungy style to sci-fi.

JohnCelestri at 8:15AM, May 7, 2024

Ozoneocean, I'm glad you prefer the original Boba Fett...I very much enjoyed introducing and animating him in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

marcorossi at 4:27AM, May 7, 2024

When I was a kid, I loved The Return of the Jedi. Now as an adult, and as the kind of spectacular sci-fi that was pioneered by Star Wars has become much more common, I sometimes think that the only good one was was the first (ep.4), and the others only could sell because of the recognition of the first. Because basically the whole setting of the story was created around Luke, who could be the anointed one and blow up the giant planet sized enemy. Adding other star destroyers, or other jedis, only take away from the unicity of the story, and sorta breaks it. It makes me think of Karate Kid 2: in the first there was a love story, and as a kid I wanted that love story to be the True Love; if then in the second movie I discover they just broke up after a fewmonths, while it is realistic, but it still kills the romance of the first.

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