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For Your Consideration Pages for the Drunk Duck Awards 2024 Comic Accepted NOW!

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 6, 2024

Photo: “For Your Consideration Poster for Freddy Reno Went Missing”. Drunk Duck Awards 2023. Freddy Reno Went Missing by OrGiveMeDeath_Ind. (May 2023)

Niccea is accepting FYC pages now. Please PQ or email your pages to Niccea. Please keep them rated G. The theme is musical. You can have you character performing or reenacting a musical, messing up in a casting call or heckling the from the audience, etc. Remember the FYCs are very free form and the theme is just to provide some continuity between the pages.

PQ Niccea:

What are For Your Consideration (FYC) Pages?
(Freddy Reno Went Missing FYC Poster Example Posted Above)

For Your Consideration Pages are a very easy way to introduce your comic and what awards you would like to see it nominated for. Submitted pages will appear in the awards comic, and you can also show them on your own comic, of course. Anything that is submitted for the awards comic must be appropriate for all audiences. I usually say keep it G or PG. No nudity, violence, or swears, but tasteful implications of the three are generally ok. The only other rule for submitting an FYC page is to keep with the theme. The FYC pages usually have a loose theme to tie everything together. Some pages follow the theme super strictly, while others give it a passing nod. Because the FYCs are designed to showcase comics in hopes of being nominated for the awards, pages that do not follow the theme will still be shown, but they will not appear until the very end of the FYC period which usually end after voting has already been open for a week.

FYC page submission is not required in order to be elegible for award nomination. It merely serves as a way to advertise your comic.

Niccea update from May 1, 2024:

I have already gotten quite a few FYC pages and I will start releasing them next week.

Stay tuned to the Drunk Duck Awards 2024 comic to see early bird For Your Consideration pages begin to trickle in.

Reminder: “For Your Consideration” pages will be accepted by Niccea from now until June 8th, 2024.

PQ Niccea:

Drunk Duck Awards 2024 Forum Link:

Drunk Duck Awards 2024 Comic Link:

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kawaiidaigakusei at 7:29PM, May 6, 2024

@OrGiveMeDeath_Ind, a pretty Great example, indeed!

OrGiveMeDeath_Ind at 8:06AM, May 6, 2024

Hey, that's a pretty cool example

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