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FEATURED COMIC --> Jack of AllTrades

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 8, 2024

Out of college Elizabeth and her girlfriend Tasha are just starting out and making their way in the world together. The time for all day videogame marathons and bongs are over for Elizabeth, she gets a cool job at a place called AllTrades but Tasha isn't quite so keen in following suit… Elizabeth's developing office relationships are pretty cool and very relatable as she slowly works to fit in, but is her relationship with Tasha going as well? This is a slice of life, comedy drama, the writing is non-linear and jumps around the story timeline very effectively. The art is all digital, full colour, and stylised in a way that minimises line-work to give things a cut-out feel.

Jack of AllTrades -, by Allan, rated M.



Ironscarf at 7:38AM, May 9, 2024

Grrovy art style 🙂

Boy Phaff at 4:39AM, May 8, 2024

One fine-looking comic!

HawkandFloAdventures at 12:36AM, May 8, 2024

This looks interesting best of luck with everything ^^

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, May 8, 2024

Nice comic!

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