Episode 220 - the Process of Creation

May 12, 2015

Hello from Belgrade in Serbia! This Quackcast was recorded 3 weeks ago and I am currently in Europe, though I'm still writing this from Perth Western Australia 3 weeks in the past… So in this particular Quackcast you get to hear ME Ozoneocean, Banes, Bravo1102 and Tantz Aerine (who I visited in Athens last week), chat about the process of creation! Creation is a topic very close to the heart of all webcomic creators and the four of us try and explore all aspects of it with the help of some very wise people on DD. The music for this week is Gunwallace's them fro The Temple at 50 Fathoms, a comic by Skreem, SO if you like a hyper dance club sound, you better strap on your dancin' pants when you listen to this one!



Ozoneocean at 3:49PM, May 26, 2015

I got the flu after Banes' vocal stylings. It started with a scratchy coughing sensation. I blame him!

tupapayon at 1:33PM, May 26, 2015

Oh, Banes… hope your throat survives after that characterization… from now on I'll make my posts short… or include a recording of my voice… don't hurt yourself (it was funny, though)...

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